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Work Visa

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Work Visa

Visaleets | Updated on 16 Sep,2022

People visit various countries for various purposes. Although residing in the home country often provides security and comfort, people leave their homeland to settle abroad in search of employment opportunities, health facilities, education facilities, and better living standards.

A major change in demographics in recent times is due to work-related migration. Many people are traveling to foreign countries to avail of opportunities with better pay. Also, many companies are offering job opportunities to Indians because of their expertise in various

Fields. They are settling in those countries by acquiring foreign citizenship

One has to acquire a visa for foreign countries as a travel permit. A work visa is required by foreign countries to allow Indian citizens to work in their country. Sometimes, a work permit is also essential to join an internship in a foreign country. For getting a work visa one has to meet various criteria which vary based on the country they are traveling to for work opportunities.

Few countries issue broad work visas which will allow the individual to take part in any job irrespective of expertise. A work permit visa can be acquired online or offline by visiting the embassy or consulate of the foreign country in which you are planning to work. Many countries give an online work permit visa only based on a job letter from the employer of that country and a sponsorship letter.

General Documents to acquire a Work visa:

    A valid passport from the home country. The passport should be valid for the complete period of stay in the foreign country.

    Previous passports

    Educational certificates.’

    Offer a letter from the employer from the destination country

    Past employer’s certificates

    Proof of funds and income tax returns from the last two years need to be submitted.

    Salary slips and bank statements are required as financial proofs

    Property papers and any investment documents need to be submitted to give a clear picture of the financial status.

    A family information form is required which has all details of your family.

    If married, one has to submit a marriage certificate.

    If the job seeker is a parent, a child's birth certificate is also required.

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