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Ivory Coast - Witness The Cuisine, Culture, And Fashion By Getting Your Visa Now! Know The Visa Procedure Here

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Ivory Coast - Witness The Cuisine, Culture, And Fashion By Getting Your Visa Now! Know The Visa Procedure Here

Visaleets | Updated on 11 Jan,2023

Ivory Coast is situated on the West African Coast. Palm rainforests and French colonial influence make a part of this beautiful country. The grandiose landscapes can beat your heart when you see them for the first time in Africa. Wooded savannas, rich flora, fauna, and lush and green jungles are a big part of nature and the Ivory Coast. 


To experience all of these, one undoubtedly needs to get an Ivory Coast Visa Online in the first place. More than 5 national parks and around 20 nature reserves are spread thoroughly throughout the country. All of these are decently visitable and appreciable at the same time. 


The country of Ivory Coast is exceptionally beautiful and is home to around more than 50 ethnic groups altogether. To experience nature to the fullest Ivory Coast can be considered one of the best in Africa. If undiscovered locations are your priority then this is the place you gotta visit undoubtedly at least once in your lifetime. Everyone knows West Africa’s diversity is quite different and amazing from the rest. Henceforth, as a result, to explore distinct locations, this country can be an unbeatable choice of yours. 


The villages present in Ivory Coast are very vibrant and colourful in all aspects. One would enjoy it to the fullest because their festivals, mask dances, and everything are full of surprises. Ivory Coast is offbeat and anybody looking forward to exploring the undiscovered beauties of this country should plan a visit as soon as possible. 




Once again coming back, just like the villages and the tribes the culture of Ivory Coast is truly colourful and authentic. One who hasn't been to this country won't believe these words quite evidently. With around 50 ethnic groups, the diversity becomes a remarkable one when it comes to this aspect. Art, Language, Music, and Festivals add a different flavour to this country which is nearly not found in any other country of the globe. Music plays a great role in shaping the Culture of the Ivory Coast. In all celebrations of the country, Music is a must and has to be traditional. 




Ivorian Cuisine means Plantains and Cassava. The staple foods of this country are tubers and grains. Talking about non-vegetarian foods, grilled chicken and grilled fish are a great priority of the Ivorians. Seafood such as shrimp, tuna, bonito, and sardines are quite popular in the country. Fruits such as mango, soursop, mandarins, coconuts, and passion fruit are eaten all over the Ivory Coast. Anybody planning to visit this country in 2023 will make the most of it as a few of the above-mentioned foods are mostly liked and eaten by almost all Indians. 




Evidently in the country of Ivory Coast women mostly wear blouses with long skirts and men wear shorts which are short pieces of clothes that they wrap around them. Baule loincloth is the traditional fabric used in Ivory Coast. 


Visa Procedure 


Indian Passports are a must for acquiring the Ivory Coast Visa For Indian citizens. Without it, you are nothing and you even don't get a visa to Ivory Coast. Hence taking proper care of your Passports is also a huge part of the entire visa game. A minimum of 2 blank pages are required for the visa stamping. Do be a bit mindful of it. Original Passports will be encouraged in this case. In case you have some Old Passports, you may showcase that because it is also crucial for acquiring an Ivory Coast e-Visa. Photos of the applicants should cover 80% of the photo frames. The dimension for the visa application form is supposed to be 35x45 mm. The headgear shouldn't be present in any of the frames. A neutral expression would be encouraged in this case. Spectacles should not be present in any of the photos. Income Tax Returns are also to be showcased. The Ivory Coast Visa Fee varies on the entries you choose to acquire for yourself. 

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