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Laos Visa Checklist

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Laos Visa Application Procedure


In the past traveling was restricted to business purposes. But as of now, traveling for recreation is preferred. Visiting beaches across the world, cultural heritage sites, rivers, and natural landscapes will give a refreshing feeling to visitors.


Laos is one such country that provides tourists with adventure and fun. The country’s unexplored mountains can be great trekking sites with lots of adventures. The tubing of vang Vieng can be on your list of adventurers. 


The country has ethnic minorities that reflect the traditional and cultural life of the country. People find it fascinating how these tribes have preserved their culture for a very long time.


It has preserved its forests and green cover to a large extent which is an amazing reason for nature lovers to visit the country. 100 waterfall treks in Northern Laos should not be missed if you are into exploring new places. The Bolaven plateau is also a fascinating landscape to visit while in the country.


If you are planning to visit Laos for recreation then getting a tourist visa is mandatory. However, if you want to confine your trip to business purposes then, getting a business visa is appropriate.


Below are the Laos visa requirements!


Here is some reliable information about the visa policy of Laos that needs to be well-understood before applying for a visa.


Two types of visas can be applied for when traveling to Laos. These are:


  • Tourist Visa 
  • Business Visa

Only travelers who genuinely intend to travel to the country for business and recreation purposes have to apply for a Laos visa. The visa officials also verify financial proof to ensure that the applicant can bear all expenses during the trip. The good health of the applicant is mandated by visa officials.


The applicant will be asked to produce a valid passport by the visa officials while applying for a tourist or business visa to visit Laos. A minimum of 6 months of validity is required for a passport to be submitted as a travel document for acquiring a visa.


The passport should have 3 vacant pages for stamping purposes and should not have any physical damage. The applicant should abide by all rules and regulations set by the country while on a trip. So, it is advisable to ensure that all the visa requirements are met and all questions posed by the visa officials are answered by the applicant with confidence for visa approval.


Visa Strategy and Visa Policy for Visiting Laos


The visa policy of Laos allows citizens of the following countries to visit its territory without a visa.


A visa-free 30-day visit is sanctioned by the Laos visa regime for citizens of the below nations.

  • Indonesia 
  • Cambodia
  • Mongolia 
  • Malaysia
  • Russia 
  • Philippines
  • South Korea 
  • Singapore
  • Vietnam 
  • Thailand

For 15 days visa-free travel is possible to Laos for the citizens of the below nations


  • Japan
  • Luxembourg
  • Switzerland

For 14 days the nationals belonging to the below countries can visit Laos.

  • Brunei
  • Myanmar

The following exemptions are made in acquiring a visa for traveling to Laos. 


Diplomatic visa holders of the following countries can visit Laos for up to 30 days without a visa.


·         Armenia

·         Azerbaijan

·         Belarus

·         Czech Republic

·         China

·         Georgia

·         Hungary

·         Indonesia 

·         India 

·         Kyrgyzstan

·         Kazakhstan

·         Japan 

·         Myanmar

·         Moldova

·         North Korea

·         Pakistan (90 days visa-free)

·         Peru

·         Serbia (90 days visa-free)

·         South Korea (90 days visa-free)

·         Poland

·         Tajikistan

·         Timor-Leste

·         Turkmenistan

·         Ukraine

·         Uzbekistan


Requirements for a Laos Visa


One has to understand the Visa requirements to be able to get a Visa to Laos. If all the required documents are available one can apply for a Visa by availing of Laos’s e-visa services. The original passport of the applicant is mandated by Visa officials to approve a business or Laos tourist visa online


Recently clicked 35mmx45mm photographs have to be produced by the applicant. Also, ensure that the photo specifications as mandated by the visa policy have to be met for getting a visa. 


In addition documents such as recent passport photographs, flight tickets for both onward and forward travel, proof of accommodation, invitation letter, financial proof, and visa payment has to be done after submitting all the documents. Laos’s student visa services are for foreign students planning to get an education in the country. 

Timing of Processing


The country offers visas on arrival to nationals of many countries. However, if applied online, the visa processing time to visit Laos can be up to 3 working days. So getting visa approval before traveling is always safe.




Payment for the visa application form can be made online using cards such as credit or debit cards. If not, net banking facilities are also helpful for visa fee payment.


Let's take a trip to Laos without any delay!


While applying for a visa online, the visa type has to be carefully selected.  But you should be a genuine traveler to be able to get Laos visa services from visa officials. Do not miss the documents mentioned in the visa requirements. Upon visa approval, ensure to visit popular sites in Laos.                                                                                                                            

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