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Iran Visa Checklist

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Iran Visa Application Procedure


Visiting new places in the world will open up the mind and soul of an individual. Traveling is a major stress-buster for many people. Travelling can be associated with adventure, recreation and cuisine, and cultural significance.


When choosing a place to travel, the country of Iran can be considered as it offers great picturesque and architectural marvels for its visitors. One will be fascinated by its historical sites and their significance. The Persian gardens, Islamic architecture, and vibrant bazaars create beautiful memories while on the trip.


When considering visiting Iran, one should know its visa policy and requirements.


Below are the Iran visa requirements!


In this article, the visa process, visa policy, and visa requirements of Iran are given in detail which can help travelers acquire Iranian visas easily.


When traveling to Iran one has to acquire the following visas based on the purpose of the visit.


  • Tourist Visa 
  • Business Visa
  • Work Visa
  • Visitor Visa

These visas are approved by the visa officials only if they are satisfied that the traveler is genuine and can manage his or her expenses while on the trip to Iran. Another important consideration for visa approval is good health!


One cannot underestimate the importance of a passport as a travel document to visit Iran. The minimum number of empty pages for the passport should be 3 which will be used for stamping by the visa officials.


Another factor to be kept in mind by the visa applicant is that the passport document should be in an undamaged condition. One should also ensure that there is no transgression of international boundaries while in the country as it can be considered a crime. So, one should abide by all rules and regulations.


Detailed Iran Visa Strategy and Visa Policy


Every country has a visa policy that provides citizens of some nations with a visa-free visit.  As a traveler who needs to know about the visa policy, we have a detailed visa policy of Iran mentioned below.


A 90-day visa-free period is provided to the nationals belonging to the given countries.

  • Armenia - For 90 days visa-free within 180 days.
  • Syria - This is provided only when arriving from Damascus directly by air.
  • Oman
  • Turkey

Citizens from the below country can visit visa-free for 45 days

  • Georgia

For 30 days nationals belonging to the following countries can make a visit visa-free.


  • Azerbaijan
  • Lebanon
  • Bolivia
  • Iraq


For 21 days, a visa-free visit is possible for citizens of the following countries.


  • China
  • Hong Kong
  • Macao

For 20 days, visa-free travel is possible for


  • Egypt

For 15 days visa-free travel is possible for countries of the following nations as 


  • Malaysia
  • Venezuela

For 14 days visa-free travel is permitted for citizens of 


  • Kazakhstan

Also, an Iran visa application form is not mandatory when traveling to Iran in the following cases.

  • When traveling to Qeshm Island, Kish Island, or other free trade zones, a visa is not required when the trip is as short as 14 days or less. 
  • In the case of citizens of America, Canada, and Britain, a certified escort guide should be present upon arrival.
  • Trade-free zones such as Ara's free zone, Arvand free zone, and Chabahar free trade-Industrial zone can be visited visa-free for up to 2 weeks.
  • Diplomatic passport holders belonging to the below-mentioned countries can travel to Iran visa-free.


Armenia - (90 days visa-free travel)

Azerbaijan - (1-month visa-free travel)

Belarus - (30 days visa-free travel)

Benin - (30 days visa-free travel)

Bolivia - (60 days visa-free travel)

Bosnia and Herzegovina - (1-month visa-free travel)

Brazil - (1-month visa-free travel)

Brunei - (30 days visa-free travel)

Bulgaria - (1-month visa-free travel)

Burkina Faso - (1-month visa-free travel)

Cambodia - (1-month visa-free travel)

China - (1-month visa-free travel)

Colombia - (1-month visa-free travel)

Croatia - (1-month visa-free travel)

Cuba - (For 90 days visa-free travel)

Congo - (6 months visa-free travel)

Cyprus - (For 3 months visa-free travel)

Ecuador - (For 90 days visa-free travel)

Egypt - (Limited to 20 days visa-free travel)

Ghana - (Only 30 day’s visa-free travel)

Guinea - (1-month visa-free travel)

Guyana - (1-month visa-free travel)

Greece - (3 months visa-free travel)

Hungary - (1-month visa-free travel)

India - (1-month visa-free travel)

Iraq - (45 days visa-free travel)

Indonesia - (A maximum of 14 days visa-free travel)

Japan - (For 3 months visa-free travel)

Kazakhstan - (Just 30 days visa-free travel)

Kenya - (1-month visa-free travel)

Kyrgyzstan - (1-month visa-free travel)

Lebanon - (30 days visa-free travel)

Malaysia - (15 days visa-free travel)

Malawi - (1-month visa-free travel)

Mali - (1-month visa-free travel)


Requirements for an Iran Visa


One can apply for any type of visa using Iran e-Visa services. One needs to submit multiple documents as per the Iran visa requirements of the country to acquire a visa. The most essential document for a visa is a passport which should be acquired by the applicant in the recent past. Two recent photographs that are clicked following photo specifications. The dimensions should be 35mmx45mm.


Additional documents that are required include air tickets, old passports, and medical reports. While applying for Iran business visa services, the applicant should submit documents such as an invitation letter from the company, bank statements, and a chamber of commerce letter. 


Timing of Processing


The processing time for Iran is 8-9 working days.




Using a legitimate credit card, debit card, or internet banking, you can pay the application fee for an Iran visa online.


So don't delay your trip to Iran!

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