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Tourist Visa

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Tourist Visa

Visaleets | Updated on 26 Aug,2022

Tourist visa is an electronic single-entry visa given by the Government for visitors who plans for travel to the country for tourism or other non-business related purposes.


Citizens of every countries in the globe need for tourist visa provided that the below requirements are fulfilled. 


Copy of the below documents is mandatory.

    Recent passport-size photo of the candidate.
    Passport of the visa applicant which is valid for at least 6 months from the planned date of entry to the country. 

Processing Time

Under normal substance, the processing time for tourist visa is 3 days. So, travelers should give their application at least 3 days before their estimated date of arrival.

Duration and Validity

Single entry tourist visa is valid up to 90 days starting from the planned date of arrival in country. If arrival date of the travelers is alternated, travelers should contact the our Support Team at to adjust validity period of their visa.

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