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Transit Visa

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Transit Visa

Visaleets | Updated on 26 Aug,2022

Generally, people board direct flights to reach their destination country or city. But, in some cases, there may not be a direct flight from your place of departure to your destination place. In this case, you opt for connecting flights. 


This means you fly to an intermediate country called a transit country where you board a flight to your destination. This gives us an idea of a transit visa. A transit visa is required by a transit country where you stop to catch a flight to travel to your destination. It enables travelers to pass through the area. 


Procedure to get a Transit Visa:

  • After meeting the eligibility criteria one has to fill out the transit visa application form.
  • You can also apply for a transit visa even before your trip through companies that offer transit visa services.
  • Few countries need a person to apply for a transit visa by visiting their consulate or embassy.

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