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Bahrain Visa Checklist

Check Travel Requirements


Bahrain Visa Application Procedure

Bahrain is a country in the Middle East. Also, Bahrain is a Shia Islam country with a population of over 1 million people. The capital of Bahrain is Manama and it's on the coast of the Persian Gulf.


There are two islands, one in the north and one in the south, that make up Bahrain. Bahrain also has some natural resources like iron ore, copper ore, and liquefied natural gas. The country's income comes from petroleum, banking, pearling, and tourism.


Bahrain is a parliamentary monarchy. Its head of state is King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa. The head of government is Prime Minister Khalifah bin Sulman Al Khalifa who also holds the position of commander in chief of Bahrain Defence Force. 



Planning a trip to the Kingdom of Bahrain? Consequently, you're probably thinking about where you may apply for a tourist visa to Bahrain.


Travelers looking forward to visiting Bahrain, in the upcoming days, here you got it all, read the entire article minutely for the information you need to know to enter the country. 


The country of Bahrain provides it all! Tourist Visa, Business Visa, and Visit Visas to everyone willing to visit the country in the upcoming days the future. To acquire these, firstly you need to be an intended traveler and should have the capability of bearing your expenses when in a new country. Good health is important! 


A passport is an extremely important travel document to fly to Bahrain. Please remember that your passport should be legal for a minimum of 6 months from your intended stay in Bahrain. A minimum of 2 blank pages should be available in the passport for stamping. The passport should not be torn or damaged in any way. Intending to cross an international boundary will be considered to be an offensive crime so all should follow the rules and regulations of a country before going to visit. 


What is the Visa Strategy and Visa Policy of Bahrain?

Citizens of the following GCC countries do not need a visa to visit Bahrain and can use their National IDs to enter-





 Saudi Arabia

 United Arab Emirates 

Residents of the following 67 nations and territories may acquire a visa on arrival for stays up to a single month which is just around 30 days. It is three months for UK and Irish citizens.


European Union countries














 Hong Kong


 India (Conditions apply)








 New Zealand





 San Marino


 South Korea





 United Kingdom

 United States


 Vatican City



Multiple entry visas are valid for 3 months from the time of entry. 

On each entry, the maximum length of stay allowed is one month, which maximum can be extended for two more weeks.

Citizens of all countries (except Iran, and North Korea) may obtain an e-visa valid for 14 days.

6. Diplomatic passport holders may issue a visa on arrival themselves.


If you are a citizen of India and hold a valid passport from your country, you can apply for a Bahrain tourist visa online using the internet.


If you wish to visit Bahrain for tourist, family/friend visits, or business, you can apply for a visa through our website. 

You must have current travel insurance to enter Bahrain. 




Please only send color copies of the front and rear of your passport.


Only one high-resolution color photo is needed (35 x 45 mm). Matte-finished is the requirement. No teeth showing!


Acceptable Forms of Identification


Pan Card Not Valid

Checking Your Current Address for Authenticity


Last Month's Electric Bill and Aadhar Card


A copy of the current United States or Schengen visa, or proof of a bank account with a balance of at least BHD300 within the past three months (stamped within the last three months).


A copy of the relative's resident visa, together with proof of address and an invitation letter, may be required if they are traveling from outside the country to visit. (Their rank within the company should be higher than that of a supervisor.)




You'll need to provide your hotel's confirmation number and name.




If the applicant is in transit, we also need a copy of their flight itinerary and visa for their final destination.


A return ticket that will get you back to where you started.


Send in a cover letter written by the applicant (required for both Business and Visit visa-type applications).


The certificate of vaccinations.


On the application, you'll need to specify what you do for a living.




The normal processing time for a Bahrain work visa is between five and seven working days (excluding Fridays, Saturdays, and Bahrain holidays). However, if the matter is still pending in the Security Division, additional time may be needed.



You can pay your visa application fee with Google Pay, Visa, MasterCard, or Visa Debit.


Bahrain's government has entire discretion over whether or not to issue a visa. 




The applicant may not work for pay while in Bahrain.


The applicant must show proof that he or she has the financial means to support himself or herself and any minors traveling with them while in the host country.


Your passport's expiration date must be at least six months after your intended departure from Bahrain or the length of your visa.


If there is any dispute regarding the validity of your passport, you may be denied entry into Bahrain.

Visiting Bahrain for a holiday


The capital city of Bahrain is Manama. Several foreign visitors come to enjoy the city's vibrant nightlife, which features many clubs and pubs. Although at first glance Manama may seem like any other major metropolis, there is much more to this region than just city life. Traditional. The souks in this area are well-known for the high quality and variety of their spices, perfumes, and carpets.


The Bahrain International Raceway 


If you're in Bahrain, you should visit the Bahrain International Circuit (BIC), even if you're not a major lover of fast cars or race courses. It's a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see a grand Prix at the BIC. The BIC also hosts track days, so regular drivers may experience the track's high-speed thrills for themselves. If you prioritize speed over everything else, the BIC is where you want to be.

The Bahrain Fort


The Qal'at al-Bahrain, also known as the Bahrain Fort, is the only building in Bahrain to be listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The fort is one of the best sites to observe the sun go down in all of Bahrain, and it also possesses a variety of old artifacts. The fort hosts a wide range of unforgettable celebrations and ceremonies for holidays and other special occasions.

Mosque of Ahmed Al-Fateh


The Ahmed Al-Fateh Mosque also goes by "Grand Mosque" and "Great Mosque," among others. The mosque is one of the world's largest at 6,500 square meters in size, with room for more than 7,000 worshipers at once. It's a subtle beauty. There's no cost to visit the mosque, and it's more than just a place of worship.



There is a small town called Al Zallaq on the western coast of the island of Bahrain. The area's blue lagoons and beaches lined with date palms have made it famous. Zallaq is popular due to its beautiful white sand beaches, which are great for a variety of water sports. Zallaq is ideal for anyone seeking a tranquil retreat on the sea.

Bahrain is a country in the Middle East. Planning a trip to the Kingdom of Bahrain? Then opt for your Bahrain Tourist Visa Online now and if you are looking forward to going there to fulfilling your higher education, then apply for your Bahrain Student Visa online now. Good Luck!

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