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Privacy Policy

Thank you so much for visiting Visaleets. We completely respect and give honor to your privacy! When the topic is about your data or information, we prefer to understand the clarity. This is why we are all set over here to let you know about what personal data we collect from you and what we do with it. Not only has this but also here had you got to know about your rights and preferences. After using any of our products and services you verify that you have already approved our Terms and Conditions along with that you have fully understood our Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy. We believe in keeping and maintaining your data with quite confidentiality. Any sort of data you provide to us is taken proper care of and also is dealt with rigid confidence. Both of our terms and conditions and privacy policy may get changed from time to time so our clients should often keep an eye on our official website to stay updated. All sorts of data provided to Visaleets by its clients are kept rigidly confidential and are also taken care of by shielding. Information is only recorded by Visaleets if clients send a message to the team. By doing that, you can completely feel secure because your data is with our highly qualified team for the task purpose you are here for. There are also cases, where clients provide us with their data when not even asked for doing so. In such cases, the team takes care of the personal data to lock and safeguard the information. But if the user has avoided any system or protocol of ours then the privacy policy will not take care of the information provided by the user uselessly. Visaleets do not use your email IDs for any of the purposes and also do not disclose them without your consent. Your data is not for our marketing purpose and we are never willing to sell it in the outside world for any sort of objective. We do not sell your data to any other organizations except the government institutions connected with Visaleets for the immigration and visa procedures. But we do share the important documentation of yours with our dealers for the processing of visas and many other products and immigration services based on the retirement of the clients. We may disclose your data on our website if we feel that it is important to be showcased in front of all. We also may transfer your data to relevant third parties in some specific events. One can get registered to Visaleets if he or she is willing to receive a catalog, newsletter, or maybe the products and services. Anyway, the data our clients have provided us with will in no way be disclosed without their approval. Visaleets have safety and security measures in place to safeguard the clients in any type of case against misuse or losses. Modification of any kind of data is in our control. Your data is perfectly safe within our control and is end-to-end encrypted. Visaleets takes proper care of your financial data and assures all that in no way it is going to come over the internet. Visaleets is committed to serving protection to all of its clients. We have got various sorts of links to different websites and pathways to the contents of third parties. Visaleets is not accountable for the presence of such links, websites, or so on. We are not accountable for any sort of damage that took place to you through our third-party websites. To know more, get in touch with us through emails or phone calls. We provide 24x7 assistance so will get back to you at the earliest.

Cookies Policy

This is the Cookies Policy of the website Visaleets. This is for the same website from which you have opened up this page or the policy.

What are Cookies?

It is kind of a very common practice which you all have been through previously on many professional websites as well. Cookies are little files that get downloaded to your devices for better and improved experiences. Here we share how cookies are used, how to store them, and how to disable these cookies from the website.

The Cookies We Set

By default, we do not choose to set any cookie for our browser.

Preferable Cookies

To make you understand the data of our Cookies Policy we assist our clients with poster-type data on our website, Visaleets. When a user clicks the poster type note we get to know that you have understood our Cookies Policy and you allow us to set the cookies on your browser. Only after the client's permission cookies are set on their browser.

The poster-type note does not get showcased twice a year. It only comes to visibility in the next year or maybe after a revision of the cookies policy.

Disabling Cookies

Cookies can be prevented by adjusting the settings present on your browser. Functionality might get affected!

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