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Why Visit Oman-Ultimate Reasons and Visa process

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Why Visit Oman-Ultimate Reasons and Visa process

Visaleets | Updated on 21 Nov,2022

Oman is a beautiful gulf nation that offers so much to its visitors. And if you are on a Gulf trip then missing Oman might not be a wise choice. The country is famous among tourists for multiple reasons. The pristine coastline and mountainous rugs of the nation make it even more beautiful. The wadi's or rock pools stand as a special attraction for tourists. Oman's white sand beaches are favorite spots for beach lovers. The cuisine and hospitality of the country also add to its cultural assets. 


The country's tourism has been a recent venture and has expanded during the last decade. From a cultural trip to an adventurous trip, a visit to Oman can be anything. The historically old bazaars and forts signify its rich heritage while the diving spots of the country are unmatched by the rest of the world. 


If you are a coffee lover then Oman's coffee is a must-try. It is reviewed as a great coffee by many tourists. It is served strong by the local cafes with a cardamom flavor. Don't miss trying out the famous Turkish coffee. The sweet dishes of Oman occupy a special place in travelers’ hearts. So try out a sweet dish along with your coffee. 


Gulf countries are exceptionally famous for their date palms. But Oman dates are too tasty and incomparable. Around 250 varieties of dates are cultivated in Oman. The dates are generally served with coffee in the country. This is the tradition that many locals follow to greet guests. Datella, a sweet delicacy prepared with dates, is made locally to savor with bread. So, do not miss tasting multiple date varieties while on a trip to Oman. 


The country follows a no-skyscraper policy and hence one cannot find any high-rises in the country. This helps the country to preserve its traditional outlook and charming historic architecture. The capital city of Muscat is brilliantly organized and is designated as one of the cleanest capitals of the world. Not just Muscat, most of the places in the country are maintained clean and the people of Oman take pride in it. Muscat is a port city and has a long trading history. 


If you are looking for some adventure, then an adventure ride to the Wahiba Sands may calm your nerves. You can book dune-bashing tours or camel trekking. A night camp in the desert can give a unique experience of watching the starry skies while sipping coffee. 


The landscape of the country stands as a benchmark for eco-tourists. One can experience the natural habitats, and marine life on the coastlines with coral reefs, dolphins, and whales. One can visit the Jebel Samhan Nature reserve situated in Dhofar to witness wild Arabian leopards. The mountain chains of the country offer a scenic experience with rose gardens, villages, and pomegranate fields. Bimmah sinkhole is one of the natural landforms that tourists must make a compulsory visit to. 


If you are interested in watching the turtle eggs hatch, then pay a visit to Oman from July to October. The green turtle's nests at Al Ras Al Jinz Turtle Reserve hatch during this season which is a famous tourist recreation. To know some facts, each year around 20,000 sea turtles reach Oman's beaches to lay somewhere around 60,000 eggs. 


The cuisine of Oman includes soft bread along with multiple dips and spreads, flavorsome vegetables and, slow-cooked meats. The people are quite friendly and offer great hospitality to tourists. So, it will be a pleasant trip while visiting Oman. 


For visiting Oman, visitors should apply for an India to Oman visa. If the purpose is not tourism but work then one can apply for an Oman work visa for Indian.


Visa Requirements 

The applicants should note the below requirements to get a visa. 


  • The Indian passport is the primary visa requirement. 
  • The passport page of bio-data and the last page scanned versions are required. 
  • The applicant is bound to submit passport-size photos. 
  • The visa should be requested from a valid email id of the applicant.
  • The applicant visa fee can be transacted online. 

Procedure for Visa Application


Follow these guidelines to apply for an Oman E-Visa for Indians.


  • To submit an Oman online visa application, go to the nation's official website for the visa application procedure.
  • While giving the details required for visa application, ensure to provide only corrective information.
  • The scanned copies of the documentation such as color photos, passport, and travel itineraries have to be attached along with the visa form. 
  • Once the applicant's visa request is accepted, approval of a visa is sent to the mail id mentioned in the visa form. 

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