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Why Visit Malaysia-Ultimate Reasons and Visa process

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Why Visit Malaysia-Ultimate Reasons and Visa process

Visaleets | Updated on 01 Dec,2022

Kuala Lumpur of Malaysia is a marvellous place to visit with advanced architecture and skyscrapers. The city with a modern outlook makes it one of the iconic cities of Asia. The Petronas twin towers often referred to as the Golden Triangle are situated in Kuala Lumpur. The towers are renowned as the tallest buildings in the world and can be navigated by a sky bridge. KL tower is another marvellous structure of the city. It has a viewing deck that offers tourists a splendid sight of the landscape of the city. 


The culture of the country is also distinct with multiple influences from all across the globe. 

The country is geographically situated near China and thus offers some delicious Chinese cuisine as well as reflects Chinese culture. The country is a hub for Chinatowns, and one of the largest among them is George Town. George Town is significant because it harbours Khan Yin Teng Temple which was built 200 years ago. The local street fare is also one of the fascinating events to take part in. It would be a disaster if one misses having egg waffles sold on the local streets here or dining at one of the dim sum restaurants. 


Tea plantations are another attractive spot in the country. The tea industry is a significant part of the Malaysian trade economy. The Cameron Highlands of the country is situated at the highest point in Malaysia with quite low temperatures. These are the perfect destination spots for couples. One can visit the largest tea company as well as roam around the tea plantations. Sipping on local teas can be a warm and happy experience. 


For adventures, Malaysia can be a perfect destination with multiple hiking spots. Mount Kinabalu has some superior spots for hiking. It is situated in Sabah and has long hiking trails that encompass six distinct vegetation zones situated at varying heights. One can plan the hiking trip by including a night camp.


Apart from hiking one can also participate in diving while in Malaysia. Sipidan is not an unknown diving spot for divers. When diving here, one can witness sea creatures such as barracudas, parrotfish, sharks, and turtles. Apart from Sipidan, Tioman and Redang are also excellent spots for diving seasons.


The colonial history of Malaysia has left a rich architectural heritage. Melaka is the perfect place to visit if one wants to witness the architectural marvels of the country. The city was under the rule of multiple nations such as the Dutch, the Portuguese, and the British. So the architecture has a reflection of these such as the Portuguese fortress, Stadthuys Town, and the Protestant Church. One can visit these places to have a look at the architectural richness of the country. 


The culture of Malaysia is a mixture of multiple Asian cultures. The wildlife of the country is also a great tourist attraction. Taman Negara National Park is a place to visit with canopy walks and waterfalls. One can also find wildlife like deer, monkeys, tapirs, and wild boars. Langkawi is famous if you want to go on a beach vacation. The turtle sanctuary, Redang, is also famous. 


But to visit Malaysia one should acquire a Malaysia tourist visa from India by following the visa process. If one wants to pursue higher studies in the country then a Malaysia student visa for Indians should be applied for.


Visa Requirements for Malaysian Visa for Indian


These are requirements one should take care of to apply for an India-to-Malaysia visa 

  • Indian passport, valid for at least six months after the date the visa application was submitted, and a copy of the page with the passport's biographical information
  • A current photo of the Indian applicant,
  • A debit card or credit card to process the visa fee,
  • Evidence of lodging while in Malaysia in the form of hotel bookings 
  • And return travel to India (or subsequent travel to a third country), such as tickets for a flight, train, ferry, etc. i.e.,
  • Birth Certificate for children below 12 years of age.

Procedure for Visa Application


Follow the below steps to acquire a Malaysia E-Visa for Indians


  • To submit an online visa application, go to the nation's official website for the visa application procedure.
  • Enter the required data while requesting a visa, taking care to only provide true and accurate information.
  • Include digital copies of all required paperwork, such as your passport and tickets for flights.
  • An email confirmation of visa approval will be delivered to the mail of the applicant.

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