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Why Visit Bahrain-Ultimate Reasons and Visa process

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Why Visit Bahrain-Ultimate Reasons and Visa process

Visaleets | Updated on 22 Nov,2022

Visiting island nations for a vacation can be exciting and fun. Bahrain, the word that means two seas, is also one such exciting place to visit. It is a 33-island archipelago that offers multiple outdoor and indoor activities to tourists every year. 


The factors that make Bahrain the best tourist spot are many. The foremost in them is the tolerant culture that provides much freedom to tourists. The country also resembles a mixture of traditional and modern living, unlike other gulf counterparts. 


The special reason for its tourist attraction is the pearls it offers. The country has significant varieties of pearls. The Bahrain Pearling Trail is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites that signifies the country's pearling business for decades. The trail with a length of 3.5 km has 17 traditional buildings near Muharraq and includes 3 offshore oyster beds, Bu Maher fort, and a seashore. And for some adventure during the trip to Bahrain, one can consult a licensed diving company to pearl dive into the sea for some oyster collection. 


Another exquisite reason to visit Bahrain is gold shopping. Manama Souq of Bahrain is famous for its gold shops tourists. One can find vendors offering 22- and 24-carat gold in its streets with multiple varieties ranging from contemporary to traditional. Diamond studded pendants and pearl studded jewellery are famous and one can make purchases for themselves or their loved ones. 


Exotic dishes are yet another reason that attracts tourists to Bahrain. The country has restaurants that make delicacies that suit everyone's tastes. The traditional Bahraini breakfast includes falafel, chickpea-based fried patties, keema which is minced meat, an oven-made flat bread called khubz, and sweet vermicelli with eggs called Balaleet. Another special dish one can try is Bokhari which consists of rice and grilled chicken. If one has to experience mandi then visiting Hoora will be perfect. The street food is also quite mouth-watering and shawarma is a must-try if you are on a trip to Bahrain. 


Bahrain's halwa can offer some sweetness to the taste buds and gives the pleasure of eating to most foodies. Halwa is a gelatinous sweet dish with lots of roasted nuts like almonds and cashews. A local Showalter family has been making this sweet delicacy for over about 150 years. The colours of the sweet dish also vary and can be green, red, or golden. It can be best tried with Gahwa an Arabic coffee that is lightly spiced. 


The architecture of the country is breathtaking and forms the prime reason why tourists flock to Bahrain. Bahrain National Theatre is an architectural wonder that is designed as a pearl jewellery box. Bahrain Financial harbour and the other buildings in the vicinity make Bahrain's skyline look distinct and spectacular. Apart from modern architecture, the Islamic and historical architecture of the country is significant in itself. The traditional houses of Muharraq, the majestic forts of the island, and the holy mosques of the country all are famous tourist spots that one should not miss. The Qal’at al-Bahrain should be visited for sure as it is a World Heritage Site. 


The music and art are also unique and resemble Bahrain's culture. The art galleries can be on the travel list that displays the artwork of local artists. The cafes at these galleries offer snacks for tourists. The Bahrain National Theatre is famous for hosting renowned artists from across the world such as Anoushka Shanka, the Indian sitar player, Bolshoi and Mariinsky Ballets, and Yanni. 


The local people of the country are warm and this makes the trip to Bahrain even more pleasant. So make sure to visit the great malls and markets of the country to witness the local haul. The country is also popular for racing events. 


To visit Bahrain to witness its natural and cultural beauty, travellers should get an India to Bahrain visa. If the purpose of the visit is to attend an internship or training at a university in the country, then the applicant should fill out a Bahrain student visa form.


Visa Requirements for Bahrain Visa for Indian


The following are requirements that are mandated for a Bahrain tourist visa online

  • The traveller should own an Indian passport that is valid for the duration of the trip and the duration of the visa you are applying for. The applicant should submit the biographical page and the last page of the passport.
  • Visa applicants should include an email address while registering.
  • The documentation that is mandatory for applying for a Bahrain Visa are passport, travel itinerary, photographs, return ticket, and hotel bookings.
  • The applicant should share a copy of the stamped bank statement demonstrating at least BD300 in the account.

Procedure for Visa Application


The applicant can follow these guidelines to apply for a Bahrain E-Visa for Indians.


  • The visa process starts by visiting the official website of the country and choosing the visa type based on the travel purpose.
  • Filling up the visa form by giving the required details is the next step in the process,
  • Then the applicant is required to submit all the scanned versions of the documents such as photos, passport, flight reservations, itinerary, hotel bookings, etc., 
  • The process ends with the payment of the visa fee by using a credit or debit card.

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