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Turkey Visa Procedure

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Turkey Visa Procedure

Visaleets | Updated on 14 Sep,2022

A break from a busy hectic schedule is needed to avoid any burn-out. One can opt for many recreational activities such as traveling, gaming, reading, etc. While reading and gaming can be done every day, visiting new places miles away needs a long holiday.

So, if you are on a long break consider traveling to boost your spirits. Traveling to different cities and countries may heal the mind and can be soothing to the soul. Many countries and cities in the world attract tourists from all over the world.

They provide boarding and lodging facilities. Restaurants serve different cuisines to foreigners and many recreational hubs are also made available in most countries. One such country which has all these facilities for tourists is Turkey.

Located in West Asia, it has many famous cities of Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, etc. It is famous for its picturesque architecture, alpine mountains, and beaches. The food and culture of Turkey are unique and fascinate most tourists. Like most countries, Turkey also requires a visa for tourists to visit its cities.

Turkey Visa Eligibility:

  Tourists who hold an Indian passport are eligible to apply for a Turkish e-visa provided they carry a valid Schengen visa or the USA visa or UK or Ireland visa.

   Another mandatory document is Travel insurance for applying for a Turkey e-visa.

Turkish Online Visa Application Procedure:

   Turkish online visa applications need to be filled out carefully by providing a valid email, mobile number, travel dates, and other personal details.

   The copies of the Indian passport with at least 6 months validity, and valid visas of UK or Ireland or USA, or   Schengen need to be submitted.

   Other documents that may be asked include bank statements and tax returns.

   Recent photographs of desired dimensions should be submitted with the form.

   Press the submit button and move on to the fee payment section.

   Pay the application fee through payment modes such as a debit card, credit card, or net banking.

   The consulate may take 24 hours to process your application leaving Saturdays and Sundays.

   They may send you an email confirming your visa if approved.

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