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Travel To Armenia

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Travel To Armenia

Visaleets | Updated on 28 Apr,2022

Wanna experience adventure? Then we would definitely suggest you travel to Armenia for the same. Several people do not know about Armenia or maybe do not want to know about Armenia for various reasons but today we are here to notify you that Armenia is really beautiful and if you are a travel or an adventure freak then you gotta visit this amazing place which consists of wonderful snow-capped peaks and so on. 

Armenia is not very famous but trust us it has got all the rights to be superbly famous and all credit goes to its beauty. You all might have known of it virtually but it is time to know it physically! The history of Armenia is considered to be tragic and complicated as it is fully marked by uncountable years of genocide and warfare where the Ottoman administration killed millions of Armenians during the 1900s. Individuals can gain more information by visiting the ancient monuments, holy places situated in the entire country encompassing the Greco-Roman Temple of Garni and many more. 

As we told you that if you are an adventure freak then Armenia is especially for you because it has got dramatic mountains and valleys in the Geghama mountain range and is quite popular for biking.

Stuff Do and View 

  • Tatev Monastery

This monastery is unique for its position. It was built during the 9th-13th centuries and is spectacularly positioned on the rim of a gorge. The monastery has got exotic stone ceilings with several sharp domes and the structure is enclosed by tall stone walls which just drop off instantly into the deep gorge situated down. 

The place is so beautiful that you would adore clicking pictures and cherish it for the rest of your life! With the help of a cable car, one can travel to this enormous monastery. It will just take around 15-20 minutes of time and the cost of the ticket is 5000 AMD. Tatev Monastery is 3 hours away from Yerevan.

  • Shikahogh State Reserve

It is the second vastest forest in the country of Armenia and is the cottage to various wildlife creatures the list comprises bears, wild goats, leopards and snakes. Deep and lush mountain hiking trails are present within the reserve but to be honest those are not really maintained well. 

There is an 11-kilometre route from Mount Khustup to Shirak town and it is quite tough but is extremely picturesque.

  • Lake Sevan

This particular water body is popularly known as the Armenian Sea. It is an enormous lake and it sums up to around 5% of Armenia situated quite high in the Caucasus mountains. This lake is a renowned destination for its breathtaking landscapes and foreign visitors would love to be here! If relaxing is your cup of tea then you gotta be here, have a fresh swim at the lake, visit ancient temples and so on. After all, this is what peace defines. 

The lake is situated at an altitude which is around 1,900 meters above the mean sea level and if you sit on the bank of the river, you are gonna feel like the river is running directly toward the sky. Wild camping is possible over here that too absolutely for free of any cost. Lake Sevan is just around 65 kilometres away if you are coming from Yerevan. The most preferred way to get to this lake is through a minibus. It takes just around an hour!

  • Geghard Monastery

Geghard Monastery is a World Heritage Site and the particular monastery has got a mention of its name on the prestigious heritage catalogue. The building of the monastery is carved out of the mountains and is also enclosed by mountains along the Azat River Gorge. 

There is an old sacred spring which runs within the interior of the monastery. Visitors who visit this monastery surely do take some holy water along with them from the spring and the best thing is admission is absolutely free of cost.

  • Echmiadzin Cathedral

Armenia is incomplete without the Echmiadzin Cathedral. It is situated just around 20 kilometres far away from Yerevan. The cathedral was built in 301 CE. After Armenia became a Christian country this drastic step was taken and Armenia was the first nation in the world to perform this. It is the most ancient cathedral located in Armenia and not only this but also one of the most ancient cathedrals in the entire globe. 

The Museum of this cathedral has got wonders to showcase to the Armenian visitors and it includes a little chunk of the cross on which Lord Jesus was crucified then. Admission to this museum is about 1500 AMD.

  • Gyumri

Gyumri is an old settlement which dates back to almost 3000 years ago! There is an open-air museum which is fully filled with ancient monuments such as the Sev Ghul fortress and the Paris Hotel. 

It was a maternity hospital during the Soviet period. You definitely gotta visit the Aslamazyan Sisters House-Museum which has an admission fee of 300 AMD per person entry.

  •  The Recovering Waters Of Jermuk

Armenia is home to around 35 natural thermal springs and out of all those Jermuk is the most popular spa town present in Armenia, with a large variety of resorts, hotels and spas where rooms are starting from 15000 AMD. 

Jermuk waterfall is a must-visit in Armenia it is unbelievably 70 meters tall and is also the second-largest waterfall present in Armenia. Jermuk is around 2.5 hours from Yerevan!

  • The Army Of Stones

The Army of Stones is Armenia’s most ancient and also the most famous megalithic site which is situated at a height of 1,770 meters on a rocky plateau the best part is nobody knows how all of these 200 stones got here! Apart from the best part, and even horrifying part is that each and every stone of the entire staff has 5-centimetre cavities within it. 

You will find various explanations regarding how and why all of these and so many stones are jotted here in a single place but again the most prominent theory among all is that the site was constructed in the 6th century BCE especially was meant for stargazing.

  • Wine Tasting Tour

If you are a wine lover and you are a visitor to this country then you are exactly at the right place because for such wine-loving people wine tasting is superbly important when you travel to Armenia. The most ancient wine cave in the world which is 6,000 years old is exactly near Areni and how can you miss visiting this? 

Disappointingly, during the Soviet period, several wineries got closed! Just 10 years ago Armenia again started reconnecting with its winemaking roots. Wine tasting tours cost pretty much from Yerevan and it begins from a rate of 37000 AMD for a tour of one winery and rises up to almost 75000 AMD for a full-day tour, especially for visiting several wineries.

  • The Erebuni Historical and Archaeological Museum-Reserve

This archaeological site or maybe the full complex is now an airy museum, where an indoor component exists too. The museum is home to around more than 12,000 artefacts especially offering insights into the country of Armenia’s old records and how the establishment of the city of Yerevan began. 

The particular museum-reserve also showcases daily life in the fort of Argishti I, he was one of the enormous kings of ancient Urartu. Admission over here is 1000 AMD and 2500 AMD if you prefer for a guide.

  • Noravank

Noravank was constructed during the 13th century, stories are heard and witnessed that when the Mongols destroyed Armenia a few 100s of years ago, it was the Almighty himself who protected the Noravank monastery. Visitors can glimpse beautifully carved stonework over there. Noravank is not like the other monasteries which are situated at the edge of the gorges or maybe high in the mountains; it is set on the floor of a valley, where red mountains are rising on either side of the monastery. 

Visiting this monastery is fully free of cost but the museum charges for admission and it is 500 AMD. The monastery is far away, which is around 122 kilometres from Yerevan.

Armenia Travelling Rates

Worrying about accommodation while you travel to Armenia? You gotta worry a bit because there are a restricted number of hotels in Armenia and most of them are present in the capital of the country which is Yerevan. Beds in hostels: a 5-bed dorm room can cost individuals around 5000-7000 AMD, while a bed in an 8-bed-dorm room can cost individuals around 3000-4000 AMD. 

Private double rooms in a hostel are around 10000-15000 AMD where you need to share your washroom. Standard and well-accommodated spaces do encompass both Wi-Fi and bedding! 

Complimentary breakfasts and shared kitchens are a bit common in a few but still, all hostels do not have this facility. Camping is quite possible all around the country of Armenia. The ones who are not touring with a tent, then easily can rent the camping essentials from the Tourist Information Centers. Wild camping is free in Armenia, but if you mostly prefer the subject of camping on a campsite, tariffs begin from around 4,000 AMD each night for 2 campers and a tent. To get budget-friendly hotels you need to pay on average around 8000-9000 AMD every passing night. 

Already mentioned above, free Wi-Fi is only available in standard spaces where you get to have complimentary breakfast too. 

Food? Both fresh and dried herbs create wonders in Armenia because they are responsible for making delicious dishes, and spices like black pepper, cumin, mint, sumac and cinnamon are great game-changers. Staple veggies of Armenia include eggplant, cucumber, tomato, bell pepper and onion. 

Chickpeas and lentils are very famous over here and are mostly used as central ingredients in several traditional dishes. The fleshes of lamb, pork, and beef are the most widespread ones if you are talking about having flesh. 

Cold salads, yoghurt soups, pastries, pies, lamb stew, grilled meat, meatballs, and porridge, the National dish of Armenia are the most famous ones present in the country. Armenia has got various types of meat meals to offer to its tourists. 

You should try those because that is what ethnicity clarifies. Street food like shawarma does not cost much and most of the time, it is less than 1,000 AMD, and along with that if you are looking forward to a glass of tan, a salty yoghurt drink then it probably should not be more than 300 AMD! 

If you are willing to have Armenian food then keep your expectations where you need to pay around 1000-2000 AMD for traditional food like creamy soup dishes, meatballs, and Armenian cheese with meat and spices fastened in a piece of Armenian bread. 

Western restaurants in Armenia cost around 6000-8000 AMD each meal. Chinese restaurants are way more expensive than the restaurants serving Armenian meals, where dishes cost at least around 3000 AMD.

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