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Top Beautiful Countries In Europe Continent To Visit In 2022

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Top Beautiful Countries In Europe Continent To Visit In 2022

Visaleets | Updated on 23 Aug,2022

Did you know that the continent of Europe had 44 countries within itself? Beautiful landscapes, huge oceans, enthusiastic islands, and many more amazing features in Europe have attracted tourists from all over the world. Starting from long ancient stories to natural beauties, Europe is a wonderful place to visit on your vacations, mainly relaxing from your daily life and hectic schedules. 


Anyway, let us not waste much more time on an introduction to Europe. Instead, let us know what it has for us! But wait, did you apply for a visa yet? No? Then, you gotta connect us soon to acquire your visas at the earliest. 


Now presenting before you a few of the most beautiful countries in Europe to visit in 2022.




Isn't Italy the most beautiful country present on this globe? What is your view on it? The aromatic coffee and the outstanding wine that is found in Italy are considered to be amazing and tasting those are probably worthwhile. 


Puglia - Specifically, the Italians mostly prefer this place to enjoy their vacations. Sandy beaches, jaw-dropping sunsets and ask what not!


Rome - There is barely anyone present on this planet who hasn't heard of Rome. This place is filled with wonderful tourist destinations. 


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Greece is home to more than hundreds and hundreds of islands. The landmarks of Greece are filled with extravagant beauty for which anybody could prefer dying for! 


Paxos - A not-so-famous Greek Island present in Greece. Greenery is the place's specialty. Paxos can be a great destination for a lovely honeymoon.


Meteora - This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it has got a total number of 6 monasteries from the ancient times of the 14th century. 




Did you know that the moment you would be stepping into Iceland, you would feel that it is somewhere else and not planet earth? According to the surveys, the air of Iceland is superbly clean and clear! If you are visiting during the summers, then possibly the green grasses of Iceland would be the greenest of all you have been seeing to this date.


The Northern Lights - Most probably and almost all want to witness the amazing Northern Lights in their lifetime at least once! These Northern Lights can be only witnessed if the skies of Iceland are very clear. So, it is about your luck. 


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Aahaa, swiss watches! You might have been wanting one for a long time or presently you might be owning one! We all know that generally swiss watches are from nowhere but Switzerland. Switzerland itself is a unique identity and a brand new. 


Zermatt - A beautiful skiing village situated next to the Matterhorn. Its specialty is it is a car-free village. The place is considered to be very pretty and it is a must-visit for all. 


Zurich - A stunning city on a lake filled with snow-capped peaks from all around. Can you imagine a little bit of the beauty of the old town? You gotta go to experience it. 


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Slovenia is quite a small country and many tourists think about visiting it initially because of its size whenever planning a trip to Europe. But of course, choices do vary a lot from one person to another! Slovenia is not very popular but it is a hidden gem of the continent of Europe. Amazingly enough, only 3 million people do live in this country and it is easily possible to drive the entire Slovenia in around 5 hours or so. We are sure that you are gonna pause during your drive several times because of the breathtaking scenarios. 


Vintgar Gorge - A gorge along the Radovna River. Also, there are a few waterfalls to attract tourists and this provides a better view to all than usual. 


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Montenegro is a small Balkan nation and is not a very popular one when talking about Europe. But it is worth mentioning that Montenegro has got amazing countryside with stunning coastal areas. 


Ostrog Monastery - A historic monument located high up on a mountain.


Black Lake - It is a part of the Durmitor National Park and also the lake is gorgeously surrounded by majestic mountains and fir trees from all its sides. 


Sveti Stefan - It is a small island village on the ocean. Currently, because of the location, it is a resort now and you have to pay to explore the views. But the view from the shore can be witnessed for free. 


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The population of Sweden is considered to be very sweet just like their country name! Sweden is fun if you are more of an adventurous nature lover. Fjords, colorful structures, and whatnot.


The High Coast - It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and this area is popularly known as The High Coast Trail, so if someone is not adding the word Trail with the word Coast, do not get confused with it. 




The lushest and greenest fields are authentically found here! Where are you? Ireland is home to the cutest villages present on planet earth. Here, nature has got a lot to offer to its tourists and its people. 


The Dark Hedges - If you are a Game of Thrones lover, then you might know this place very well. 


Giant's Causeway - A UNESCO Heritage Site. Nature has fulfilled this place's beauty. Remember to keep this on your list. 


Hope you enjoyed reading this article. We would be waiting for your online visa application form! For any sort of assistance regarding your visas or travel-related issues feel free to reach out. Happy tripping.

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