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Suriname - Witness The Cuisine, Culture, And Fashion By Getting Your Visa Now! Know The Visa Procedure Here

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Suriname - Witness The Cuisine, Culture, And Fashion By Getting Your Visa Now! Know The Visa Procedure Here

Visaleets | Updated on 09 Jan,2023

Suriname, the name might be quite unfamiliar to many of the tourists who are planning to visit South America. It is surrounded by the Guinea forests and is less explored by tourists. However, one will be mesmerized by the diverse wildlife, protected parkland and plenty of natural reserves of Suriname. 


As not many people travel to Suriname, it offers new visitors a peaceful trip without much crowding out. Forget the overcrowded and routine tourist destination and visit Suriname for a peaceful and splendid trip. 


Suriname beaches are beautiful and tourists enjoy themselves while on these beaches. Apart from the beaches, one shouldn't miss the forest adventures that the country offers. The rainforests of the country will fill the trip to Suriname with adventures. Mount Julianatop of the country is the best place to visit. Tourists can also explore many splendid waterfalls of the country. The experience not just relaxes the mind but also soothes the soul. 


The natural resources of the country are unique which may create a kind of curiosity among visitors. But it is advisable to venture into natural vegetation in association with a guide who is an expert on the country's natural wealth. 


The indigenous tribes of Suriname, however, display quite a different culture. These tribes are usually involved in hunting and farming activities to support a livelihood. One can observe how primitive people lived in harmony with nature by observing the lifestyle of Suriname's indigenous tribes. So don't miss this when you are visiting Suriname. 


Common to human civilization, the people of Suriname also delve into parties and festivals. The most celebrated and well-known festival in the country occurs in the capital city of Suriname. This festival is Surifesta and is celebrated on the long New Year's festival marathon. People immerse themselves in the fun while partying, dancing, and enjoying the festival with heart and soul. 


The architecture of the country is also diverse with Muslim mosques, Dutch monuments and Hindu temples. Mosque Keizerstraat and Arya Dewaker Mandir are a few examples of the architecture of the country. 


Another important reason for visiting Suriname is that it is quite affordable. The food and other products are quite cheap, unlike the extravagant European countries. So, if you are planning to visit a foreign country on a budget then Suriname is the best place for you. 


So, further, let us know about the cuisine, fashion and culture of the country to help tourists finalise their decision to visit Suriname. 




It is influenced by many cultures such as Indian, Jewish, Dutch, Chinese, and Portuguese. So, one need not worry to taste the diverse cuisine of the country that is pleasant for the palate. One can find coconuts, seafood, rice and yucca-curated dishes in the country's cuisine. 




The culture of the country also mesmerizes many tourists and stands as a major tourist attraction. The people of Suriname are known for their diversity. The history of the country can be held responsible for its diverse culture and ethnicity. This tiny country is a destination for many mixed cultures such as Indonesian, Lebanese, Chinese, and Creole. It is also interesting to know that half of the people residing in Suriname have a foreign origin. Thus the country is a unique blend of many cultures.




The fashion statement of the citizens of Suriname is attractive to many. The headscarves called angisa, yaki, a providing jacket, and a voluminous skirt known as koto is worn by women of the country who participate in the parade during festivals. They display both comfort and colour expressing their identity through fashion. 


Visa Procedure 


Indian citizens who are planning to visit Suriname have to submit a valid original passport issued to them by the Indian embassy for getting a Suriname e visa for Indians. In addition to this crucial document, the visa officials may require a confirmed onward ticket. Passport-size photographs are also mandatory. One may apply for a Suriname tourist E visa Service or Suriname business E visa according to his/her purpose of visit. The applicant has to submit a travel insurance policy as a part of Suriname E visa requirements

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