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Sri Lanka - An Awe-Inspiring Natural Beauty, Food Habits, Culture, and Visa Procedure

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Sri Lanka - An Awe-Inspiring Natural Beauty, Food Habits, Culture, and Visa Procedure

Visaleets | Updated on 15 Dec,2022

Sri Lanka is renowned as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean and the Teardrop of India, two beautiful names. This little island nation is known as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean, most likely because of its exceptional biodiversity, breathtaking natural beauty, and priceless diamonds.


The best way to describe Sri Lanka is as a country with gorgeous beaches, thundering waves, foggy mountains, powerful elephants, shrewd leopards, massive whales, an imperial past, fine tea, and genuine smiles.


There are so many views and scenes packed into a small island that a tourist might be experiencing the surf in the morning and appreciating the mountains coated in green in the evening. Sri Lanka offers a wide variety of wonderful travel opportunities, including holy places to some of the world's oldest cities, breathtaking adventure sports, and sun-drenched beach getaways.


Sri Lanka organizes several events throughout the year as a result of the cohabitation of so many different cultures, making it the ideal vacation spot. But to take advantage of all these wonderful features of the nation, you must obtain a Sri Lanka tourist e-Visa India. Let's now discuss the requirements and application procedures for a visa in more detail.


Sri Lanka Visa Procedure and Strategies


All Indian visitors to Sri Lanka must get an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA), sometimes known as a Sri Lanka visa, before entering the country. Sri Lanka requires a visa for Indians. Before traveling to Sri Lanka, Indians need to apply online for the ETA. Indian nationals can go to Sri Lanka for up to 30 days for both business and leisure. Sri Lankan transit travelers can also obtain a visa.


By submitting an ETA online application, applicants can get a legitimate Sri Lanka Electronic Visa Service. Indian passport holders are qualified for a Sri Lanka visa on arrival, much like many other nationalities. But before you travel to Sri Lanka, you must register for a Sri Lanka ETA to get the paperwork.


In addition to the current option of acquiring a business ETA visa from Sri Lanka Overseas Missions and the Department of Immigration & Emigration, Colombo, the Sri Lanka Business e-Visa Service is now open to potential candidates.


If we are talking about Sri Lanka On Arrival e-Visa For Indian citizens, then the traveler who intends to visit Sri Lanka for the following purposes must first secure ETA clearance. At arrival, the applicant may be issued a 30-day ETA with the option of two entries, the second of which may be made as early as the first.


Make sure to submit a new passport to the embassy for the granting of a new ETA if the passports in which the visa/ETA has been approved come to an end before the visa. The applicant won't have to pay anything for this.


Visa Processing Time 


In five days, your application will be processed. Although it could be the most time-consuming choice, you can get your Sri Lanka ETA in that much time. Since Indian visitors are permitted to stay in Sri Lanka for up to 30 days, with the option of an additional 6 months, they must all have valid passports that are valid for at least another 6 months after the date of arrival.


If a visitor plans to remain in Sri Lanka for more than 30 days, they may ask for an extension. For a total of 270 days, commencing on the day of landing, the short-term tourist visa may be renewed a maximum of three times consecutively. The initial prolongation is permitted for 30 days, the very first prolongation is permitted for 60 days, and the second and third renewals are issued for 90 days.


Documents Submission for Sri Lanka Visa Procedure


It is not necessary to submit the original documents or any other documentary evidence for processing as the Sri Lanka e-Visa is issued online. Simply upload all of your Sri Lanka visa-related documents to our safe online document locker, and we will process your e-Visa and send you an email when it has been approved. Do have the printout copy of your e-Visa before traveling to Sri Lanka. 


To simplify your immigration process easier, adhere to the standards indicated above. Make sure to choose the appropriate visa type for your intended mode of travel. To begin the visa application procedure right now to take in Sri Lanka's breathtaking natural beauty.

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