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Rwanda - An Awe-Inspiring Natural Beauty, Food Habits, Culture, and Visa Procedure

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Rwanda - An Awe-Inspiring Natural Beauty, Food Habits, Culture, and Visa Procedure

Visaleets | Updated on 14 Dec,2022

Are you a coffee addict? Or a bed tea lover? Well, if you are both, this is the destination, at least, once, in life, you should go to visit! Endless coffee and tea plantations can be witnessed in Rwanda, and most of the people, especially go to the country to explore such beauties. The lakes present in Rwanda are so large, that one can mistake them as a sea if he/she is not so familiar with Rwanda! Trust us, it is a hustling and bustling city filled with chimpanzees, gorillas, and of course human beings. Welcome, all to Rwanda, a country in East Africa. Now, some people feel that Africa isn't worth visiting, but to tell you the truth, it is worth visiting. Instead of passing comments why not lodge for a Rwanda e-Visa Application for the upcoming vacations? 


Let us keep you apprised that a chimpanzee trekking in Nyungwe Forest should undoubtedly be there in your Rwanda Travel Itinerary. On this trek, before seeing them, firstly you will be able to hear them, and things as such always create a hell lot of excitement more than it is supposed to. The sounds of the chimpanzees might terrify you because the sounds are of screaming with anger. That is the first impression of most of them and this is the initial feedback of several tourists coming back after the trek. 


Nyungwe Forest is a national park located in the South Western part. This forest is a magnificent rainforest with more than 200 birds and around 500 plant species. It is quite a large biodiversity indeed. Hence, a trek within the forest, not only gifts you with chimpanzees but also gifts you and brings you very close to Mother Earth. 

Feeling excited? We are waiting here ready to deliver the Rwanda Tourist e-Visa for Indian citizens. But, what are you waiting for?


Apart from such glorious treks, let us enlighten you a bit on the cuisines of Rwanda. It is a mountainous nation and citizens of this nation do not much prefer to have something hot & spicy! Citizens of Rwanda do eat very simple sorts of food here like sweet potatoes, corn, fruits, and so on. Potatoes are quite famous there but they were introduced to them by the German colonists a long time ago. Citizens who live in the rural parts of the nation rarely do they have meat but in the urban parts of Rwanda, meat is quite a celebrated food partner. 


Indians won't be finding many problems to adjust with the cuisines of Rwanda, but if you are a spice lover, we see a bit of an issue happening with you whenever the topic is 'food'! But non-spice lovers here is the good news and a good place suggested to you. Without wasting much more moments, avail yourself of your Rwanda e-Visa Application now!


Again, the culture of Rwanda is quite glorifying with Dance, being a crucial part of all the ceremonies, and gatherings being held there. Intore is the most popular and traditional dance in Rwanda and by seeing for once, one can judge that it needs highly choreographed schedules! 


Hence, to experience all of these, the first thing you need to do is to apply for your Rwanda Visa. 


Rwanda has got to offer both Tourist Visas and Business Visas to its Indian visitors. 


A passport is quite a crucial travel document specifically for international travel. If you are looking forward to visiting Rwanda on your next vacation, make sure that your passport is in proper condition. A minimum of at least two blank pages must be present within the passport of the applicants' and this is meant for stamping. Without this document of yours, leaving your country for an international visit is just next to impossible because this passport is your identity and it is considered to be beyond everything. 


Photographs of the applicants' have certain specifications and must cover more than 70% of the entire frame where the background should be white. A recent photograph should be submitted to the concerned authorities. Both ears should be visible in the photographs of the applicants'. 


Rwanda e-Visa Fee varies from one organization to the other. Prices for Indian citizens can be more than INR 2000 per head but depends on where your Rwanda Visa is being issued.

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