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Planning A Budget Friendly Trip To Vietnam For Indians

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Planning A Budget Friendly Trip To Vietnam For Indians

Visaleets | Updated on 12 Nov,2022

Travelling can be a hobby or passion for people across the world. But people were restricted to travel for the past two years due to pandemic restrictions across the world. But now the restrictions are being lifted across the world allowing tourists to travel to their favorite destinations. 


Southeast Asia, the region that harbors some of the most developed countries and cities, can be your next tourist destination for a variety of reasons such as tropical climate, rich culture, mouth-watering local cuisine, and gorgeous beaches. But the main reason is the affordability that the countries of the region offer for its travelers. 


Not just that, Asian culture always places significance in welcoming guests, so travelers can find friendly people in this part of the world. If you have decided to travel to Southeast Asia for tourist purposes then Vietnam should be your first choice to visit. 


Vietnam is a country that attracts all kinds of travelers, be it beach people or those who are inclined to visit culturally rich places or who want to explore the food map of the world. And if you are an adventure freak then you would be happy to know that there are many adventurous activities one can participate in in the country. 


Vietnam's significance lies in that it is the oldest civilization and culture in the Southeast Asian region which started around 2000 BCE. The history of the country begins with Dong Son culture but influences Khmer Chinese and Indian cultures. So, Indians planning to visit Vietnam can see some similarities in the culture which can be fascinating. Apart from that, some kind of French influence can also be noticed due to the colonial past. 


The location of the country at the junction of a multitude of civilizations had impacted its culture and life. The initial civilization of the country is the Dai Viet civilization which later influenced the whole of the country. This can be seen in architectural examples like the Temple of Literature, an ancient Vietnamese University. 


Architecturally Vietnam is rich in multiple heritage sites such as the Hoan Kiem Lake temple, Tan Ky House, and Japanese Bridge. For entertainment one can try visiting Vietnamese Water Puppets and for fine arts try visiting the Kim Bong Village. Vietnamese festivals are celebrated by the locals with much spirit and fervor. 


Tourists find Vietnamese local cuisine unique and tasty. The Vietnamese are very obsessed with food and the country offers a variety of local Asian dishes that hold a special place for tourists who visit the country. The street food of Vietnam is very famous and one must try various dishes such as pho noodles, soup, banh mi, spring rolls, and sticky rice with seafood. These items are not just healthy and tasty, they are far more affordable than their western counterparts like pizza and pasta.


One should never miss the fresh fruit market in the country like watermelon, banana, mango, mandarin, etc. One can try new varieties of fruits in the region. Fruits are sold everywhere in the country and are quite cheap. 


Apart from food and fruits, Vietnamese is also famous for coffee. The varied coffee culture fascinates tourists like Coconut milk coffee, Black coffee, coffee with egg yolk, and yogurt coffee is a few varieties one would like to have while on a trip to Vietnam. To witness all these Indians have to acquire a Vietnam tourist visa.


Vietnam offers both tourist visas and business visas for Indian nationals. For visiting the place for tourist purposes one needs to apply for a Vietnam tourist visa online and for business-related work one can acquire a Vietnam business visa.


Visa Requirements for Vietnam Visa for Indian


To get a Vietnam Visa for Indians here are a few visa requirements mandated by the Vietnam consulate.




Passport, the document that signifies a person’s nationality is a must for acquiring a Vietnamese tourist visa. 

Ensure to carry a valid passport (6 months). 

Passport Size Photographs


The applicant should submit two recent copies of passport-size photographs to the visa officials along with the visa application form.


Ensure to click the photos keeping the photo specifications in mind.


Air tickets


Air Tickets for the entire trip is mandatory to ensure that the applicant is not planning to reside in the country illegally. So, ensure to provide flight reservations for the entire trip while applying for the visa.

Procedure for Visa Application


To apply for a Vietnam Online visa for Indians, follow the steps given below:

  • Visit the official website of the country to fill in an online visa application.
  • Enter the required details and ensure to provide only true and correct information while applying for the visa.
  • Attach the digital proofs of all the required documents like the passport and air tickets.
  • A mail will be sent to the email-id provided by the applicant in the application form confirming the visa approval once the visa application fee is paid by the applicant. 

The visit to Vietnam is quite affordable and one can easily plan an affordable trip to Vietnam well within the budget. So don't delay in getting your India to Vietnam Visa now.

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