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Ok To Board For Dubai

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Ok To Board For Dubai

Visaleets | Updated on 26 Apr,2022

Have you ever thought that is Ok To Board For Dubai? As soon as you have your UAE E-visa, it is considered to be a sort of relief for all travellers! But have you ever wondered what if it does not end here? 

Anyway cool, if you are touring Dubai, you will be required for an Ok To Board For Dubai. It is nothing but a kind of formality, a part of the entire procedure, which is compulsory in making you a capable traveller to board the flight to Dubai. 

So, looking forward to travelling to Dubai? It does not matter whether you are planning to travel to Dubai or any other city present in the UAE, because all citizens require to have an OK To Board For Dubai. Yeah, it is an addition to the proper approved visa and passport that would be required to enter the country. 

Feeling fully hassled? Please do not be! It is extremely simple for you because once your planning is done you just need to pack your bags. How? Read more to know everything about getting it. Let us initially begin with the basics.

What is Ok to Board For Dubai?

Okay To Board For Dubai is a kind of approval which you can get from your respective airline once you get your E-visa! All nations do not need an Ok To Board For Dubai, for a few, just the visa and confirmed flight tickets are more than enough. 

Dubai Ok To Board is compulsory for all visitors, especially those who are the holders of the employment visa and also all the visitors who have got an ECR passport with them! It is a need that needs to be completed to board the flight to UAE. The first step travellers need to do is to apply for a UAE E-Visa after very minutely fulfilling all of the formalities. 

Once you have received your approved E-visa, it is forwarded to your concerned airline councils with whom you’ve reserved your flight tickets. The following airline rechecks your UAE E-visa and then marks an OK To Board For Dubai on your air PNR! This procedure is compulsory and you will not be able to board your flight until your ticket has got the OK to Board. You can check with your concerned airlines 48 hours before your departure.

How Can Individuals Get an Ok To Board For Dubai?

As mentioned above, one can get their Ok To Board For Dubai from the concerned airlines with the help of which one will be travelling to Dubai! Passengers can easily get their Ok To Board For Dubai online by applying on the official website of their reserved and pre-booked airlines. Suppose you have booked your flight with the help of Emirates, then primarily, you wouldn’t even have to apply individually for an Ok To Board For Dubai. 

You will automatically gain your Ok To Board For Dubai through Emirates once the required data is received by Emirates.

Why is Ok To Board For Dubai so Crucial?

Whenever you are touring any of the GCC countries, there are several sorts of mandatory procedures to be followed and maintained! Anyway, since UAE is one of them, travellers would need a Dubai Ok To Board their concerned flight. 

Always do keep in mind that there should not be any type of drawbacks with the visa and the passport. This will also help individuals board their flight with convenience hence making the trip way simpler.

Which Airlines Does Require Ok To Board For Dubai?

There are just a few airlines that take individuals to Dubai and additionally, they also do need an Ok To Board For Dubai. The list of the flights is mentioned as follows-

Air India Express


Indigo Airways

Spice jet

Air Emirates

Oman Air

When Should Individuals Apply For an Ok To Board For Dubai?

It relies on the time needed for the allocation of an Ok To the Board for Dubai. For how long prior does one need to apply for the same? It needs between 3 to 24 hours to get a Dubai Ok To Board, but anyway it is still considered to be way safer to put in the application at least a couple of days before the date of your planned travel. Likewise, it will ensure that you are fully ready to board your flight to Dubai with minimum or no drawbacks at all.

When Should the Travellers Apply for the OK To Board For Dubai?

As soon as the travellers receive their approved UAE E-visa, they should send their approved E-visa to their concerned airlines and get the OK To Board For Dubai marked on the PNR. 

It is a request for you to kindly get your travel documents prepared at least 72 hours before your departure so as this gives your reserved airlines enough time to get your PNR marked with an OK To Board For Dubai.

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