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Myanmar - An Awe-Inspiring Natural Beauty, Food Habits, Culture, and Visa Procedure

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Myanmar - An Awe-Inspiring Natural Beauty, Food Habits, Culture, and Visa Procedure

Visaleets | Updated on 13 Dec,2022

Starting from the floating gardens in Myanmar to the temples of Bagan, everything can be considered to be enchanting in Myanmar. The best phase of the year begins in October and ends in the next year, which is March. If you are looking forward to visiting Myanmar in your upcoming holidays, then this is the period you should focus on. Kyat is known as the currency of Myanmar! For instance - 1 USD is equal to 1500 Kyat. Myanmar is located in the Southeastern part of Asia and to tell you the truth the country is often underestimated for various causes. Do you believe in the same? Without wasting much time, let us find out whether Myanmar isn't worth it or worth visiting. 


Myanmar is such a country that is covered almost fully with glittering golden temples from all around. Whenever visiting this country, prepare yourself nicely with enough time to witness and complement its natural beauty because such breathtaking glamor is rare. 


Inle Lake 


This is a must-visit for all Indians when in Myanmar. Unique water bungalows and welcoming people are a massive combination there is what we believe. Why not go and experience the beauty yourselves? 


Mandalay Hill 


The temple's way up to Mandalay Hill is worth appreciating! Individuals gotta go barefoot up the stairs and several shrines and pagodas will be what one will be passing through. It is just a 35-minute hike if you promise to walk continuously. 


Food Habits 


Oil-based curries, fishes, soups, and a few traditional dishes are one of the specialties of Myanmar. Indians would love to visit the place over and over again because we Indians almost all love eating little or more oily food every day. Fries, steam, and roasts are popular when it comes to having meat! Exceptions are there, but the ratio for the love of oily food is relatively more is what the reports say. Boiled vegetable Salads, Beef, Chicken, and Fish cooked with onions, ginger, soy sauce, chili powder and almost everything that Indians love is present and eaten by the citizens of Myanmar. 


So, is there anything to worry about? Fearlessly plan a visit to Myanmar and fall in love with its cuisine every day in the country because it is almost similar to your country. 


Well, since there is not much to worry about the cuisine anymore, why not apply to acquire your Myanmar e-Visa from India




Myanmar is home to several Buddhist temples and hence there exists numerous Buddhist paintings which are completely based on Buddhist myths. There are a variety of Buddha images in Myanmar that have distinct characteristics. For instance, features like oval shape, prominent ears, and curved eyebrows are one of a type. 

There are around 5-10 traditional arts in Myanmar and those are:

  • Woodcarving
  • Stucco relief 
  • Tumery 
  • Lacquerware 
  • Blacksmith 
  • Goldsmith 
  • Masonry 
  • Bronze casting 
  • Painting 
  • Stone carving, and 

Weaving, gemstone engraving, pottery, and silk weaving are also a few of the specialties of Myanmar. 

Burmese literature is fully influenced by Buddhism and Jataka Tales. 

To explore this enrichment, plan a tour to Myanmar the fastest because who knows when the offer ends! 


Visa Procedure 


To go to Myanmar for tourism purposes or maybe business purposes, firstly an Indian passport and Visas depending on your travel conditions are what you must have with you. 

Myanmar has got Tourist Visas, Business Visas, and Visit Visas to offer to Indian citizens.

A passport is the most important document on your travel documentation list and one must surely have avail Myanmar e-Visa Service! The Indian passport must be in quite a good and appreciable condition because that is what holds your identity. Without this, it is impossible to go to an international distant country, whatever the purpose of the trip. Visas come later in the context! 


Photographs are quite a concern because things related to photographs must be appropriate whenever applying for a visa to avail of the Myanmar Travel e-Visa Services. Photographs compulsorily should be the recent ones of the applicant and not the old ones. Expressions of the applicant in the photograph must be completely neutral where smiling, or showing of teeth will not be entertained. Spectacles are not allowed to be present in the photographs and the ears from both sides of the face should be evident properly. 

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