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Is Azerbaijan Worth Visiting?

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Is Azerbaijan Worth Visiting?

Visaleets | Updated on 28 Apr,2022

Azerbaijan is an extraordinary, fabulous, wonderful, and very peaceful place to visit!  

Is Azerbaijan expensive for tourists? Is Azerbaijan worth visiting? Know more about Azerbaijan with the help of Azerbaijan travel tips and plan your tour by making the most of your precious time with the help of these below-mentioned Azerbaijan travel tips!

Stuff to See and Do in Azerbaijan




This particular sleepy town on the Caspian Sea is a cottage to a Lighthouse and the Old Prison where Stalin was a prisoner for a while. Individuals can spend a very good day over here by exploring the coasts of Kenaramesha. If you are having more time on your hand, do take a day tour of the Gizil-Agaj State Reserve, it is a cottage with around 250 bird varieties! 

Fire Mountain

The Fire Mountain or The Burning Mountain is a natural gas fire that keeps flickering continuously on a hillside outside Baku. Usually, visitors do not go around to explore this particular place but we suggest that it is worth visiting. Do find some time out to see this natural flicker! 


The third-largest city of Azerbaijan stars several temptations, ancient sites, and grasslands. The most significant museum here at Ganja is the Ganja State History-Ethnography Museum where one can understand the record of the region from the old to new times with the help of its displays of over 30,000 artefacts and objects! If you are looking for a quirkier thing to glimpse, do visit the Bottle House, it is a special housing built during the 1960s and is also wrapped with over 48,000 glass bottles.



Individuals can head towards the northern side of Azerbaijan by bus to the peak town of Quba for experiencing a cooler temperature, ancient mosques, and conventional carpet knitting in wonderful alpine surroundings. The space is a cottage for around 40,000 people, with impressive spectacular views everywhere one turns, along with pastel-coloured cottages and red-tiled ceilings standing out widely against the dense fresh peaks! 

Quba is still considered to be remaining similar to 19th-century Azerbaijan. Whenever you are here, make sure you tour the Quba Genocide Memorial Complex, which is committed to the remembrance of the 12,000 Azerbaijanis who were killed by the Bolsheviks and Armenians during the March Days genocide that took place in 1918.




Qabala is strategically located on the interior side of the Silk Road. It is a polluted, ancient, and not-so-small town named Qabala. This walled town dates back to the 4th century and it used to be the old capital of Caucasian Albania. Hence, Qabala is a cottage to several ancient memorials and archaeological sites which comprises a 1000 year aged defence tower, a 4th-century temple, a 13th-century mosque, and a mausoleum. 

The area is also a cottage to beautiful hiking trails, wonderful waterfalls, lush and dense woodlands, and lakes, and also has one of the nicest ski resorts in the country. Individuals can easily prefer to take an early bus from Sheki and also think about spending a flawless night over there. All the temptations are quite close together and hence one can effortlessly view the entire space in a single day.



The Guba region is situated 2 hours north of Baku. It is an isolated region quite known for the conventional towns, shaking apple orchards, and hilly landscapes perfect for hiking. 

Tenghi Canyon is very important to tour. Krasnaya Sloboda, the only all-Jewish village outside of Israel, is inhabited by the Juhuro and Mountain Jews. Anyway, individuals can effortlessly tour over here and hike alone. 


The Slopes


Azerbaijan is not known internationally for its skiing activities, but it does have 2 winter resorts that offer an amazing and wholesome winter experience to tourists! Tufandag Mountain Resort and Shahdag Mountain Resort are the ones doing this beautiful stuff for all travellers looking forward to experiencing the winter out there in Azerbaijan. 

The ski season in Azerbaijan is too short and lasts for just 2 months starting from the mid of December to late February. A ski day pass can cost individuals around 30-35 AZN. Ski lessons do cost around 40 AZN per lesson.

Coasts of the Absheron

During the summer season, the citizens of Baku migrate to their regional cottages on the Absheron Peninsula to evade the city heat! In the recent passing years, we feel like thanking the resorts flinching up along the beaches. The public coasts at Mardakan or Buzovna are the very 2 prominent options for individuals who are looking forward to sunbathing and swimming in the warm liquids of the Caspian Sea.

Palace of the Shirvanshahs

The 54-acre limestone Palace of the Shirvanshahs is beautifully enclosed by walls and topped by domes. This wonderful palace was built during the 15th century and also comprises a mosque with a 16-metre minaret, bathhouse, mausoleum, old bathhouse ruins, and an octagon-shaped tomb called the Dervish’s Tomb. The palace complex details huge gates decorated with intricately excavated arabesques, doorways wrapped in Arabic scripture, magnificent domes, and courtyards with octagonal reflecting pools. Inside the palace, there are shows of conventional artefacts such as clothing, jewellery, ancient texts, weaponry, and many more. 

The famous 12th-century Maiden Tower, an iconic Azerbaijani monument with Arabic, Persian and Ottoman influences, is present here too. Standing at over 29.5 meters, it offers spectacular views of the entire city right from the top. Nobody knows why this tower was built though there were over 20 legends attempting to clarify its purpose! The Palace is open daily from 10 am to 6 pm and the admission fee is 2 AZN or 6 AZN for a guided excursion.

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