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Hindu Temple in Azerbaijan

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Hindu Temple in Azerbaijan

Visaleets | Updated on 04 Nov,2022

The Caucasus Mountains and the Caspian Sea surround the country of Azerbaijan, a former Soviet republic. Several places around this nation have a rich medieval history. Every year due to Baku's religious importance, individuals who follow religions like Hinduism, Sikhism, and Zoroastrianism visit here. Indian citizens need an India to Azerbaijan visa to enter the country. Read the article below and find out a hell lot of more information about the temple Ateshgah.

Worshipping the Hindu Gods:

The Silk Route, which connected Asia and Europe, passed through Azerbaijan. In this tiny Muslim-majority country, there are different chants etched in the temple.  In the late 16th and early 17th centuries, when Indian travellers passed through the route, they worshipped the holy flames alongside their deities, such as Ganesh and Shiva. 


The travellers can find out the 14 chants written in Devanagari, the ancient script. The incantation was used to worship gods present in the Hindu religion. The historians also find one Persian inscription from this place. On the entranceway of the pentagonal-shaped temple compound, in addition to Sanskrit writing, there are also two Punjabi inscriptions visible. Those were written almost 500 years ago. Curious people from different corners of the world come to Azerbaijan to see the Ateshgah in Baku. It is a religious temple. The structure almost looks like a castle of early ages in Surakhany town and it is famous the name the "Fire Temple of Baku". After inspecting the building, the archaeologists assume it was a Zoroastrian shrine.



At that age, when the Islamic emperor of Persia and its neighbouring regions invaded the country, the old structure was damaged. In a few history books, it is mentioned that the local people worship here due to the 'seven holes with burning flame'. The flame was previously fueled by a vent from a subsurface natural gas field that was situated just underneath the complex, but extensive mining of the local natural gas supplies during Soviet authority caused the flame to go out in 1969.


Required Documents For a To Fly To Azerbaijan

These days it is being seen that a lot of people take an interest in visiting such sorts of places. But to enter the country one should fulfil a few of the mentioned criteria to get a tourist visa for Azerbaijan. Those are as follows-

  • The tourists should have a genuine intention to enter the country.
  • An original passport has a minimum validity of up to six months from the journey time.
  • The applicant should attach his colourful picture with a white colour background.
  • This picture cannot be not elder than the past six months. Without the recent image, the visa application form will be rejected at that time.
  • The image should print on high-quality paper.
  • Always maintain the dimension 3.5*4.5 cm of the picture.
  • Do not wear any jewellery, a scarf, or glass when the photo is taken.
  • Look straight at the camera so that the applicant's face is easily visible in the photograph.
  • The visa applications should be duly signed by the proper authority.
  • The round-trip airline ticket for the travellers to the location.
  • A confirmation document of the hotel stays on the trip.
  • Should submit the invitation letter if some other places are staying.
  • The travel schedule includes a thorough description of all the trip's specifics.
  • Valid contact details of the applicant.
  • It will be better for the passengers to carry travel insurance. This documentation will help the passengers by giving a strong backup in any kind of medical emergency in a foreign country.

Besides that, always keep a sufficient balance in your bank account. Either you can face a lot of trouble outside of your home country. Using electronic visas people from more than 90 countries can enter here. In certain conditions, one may need to submit a few more essential documents to get an e-visa to Azerbaijan from India. Those are discussed below.

For employed person:

If the applicant is an employed person, then showing the salary slip for the past three months is necessary. Also, at the time of applying for the visa, the person should produce a paper to sanction the vacation with the proper stamp.

For retired people:

When a retired person visits the country, they need to produce a valid document that states the person is not engaged in any service. The person can produce the pension book or bank statement.

For businessmen:

The people who are doing any business need to show a registration certificate or license of it to the embassy officials. In the case of multiple people doing any business, the person can provide their deed of partnership. It is also eligible. The income tax returns for the past 3 years and bank account statements for the past 6 months of the business are two essential documents to get the visa.

For minors:

Any passenger who is less than 18 years old, must submit a birth certificate and a no-objection certificate should be attached to their visa application forms. Parents' identity cards are necessary. If the children are going to travel outside of the country without the parents' presence, on a stamp paper the parents should give their full consent for their children to travel outside.


According to different historians, the fire visible in the temple is from a long time ago. It might have been created by the Zoroastrians. There is relevant evidence of Zoroastrian elements in the building. The temple was restored in 1969 and transformed into a museum in 1975. In 1998 UNESCO declared the temple a World Heritage Site. Also, the temple which gives a view of the old castles was awarded in 2007. In Abraham Valentine Williams Jackson's book "From Constantinople to the birthplace of Omar Khayyam", it is said that the inscriptions were carved between 1668 and 1816 AD.


According to Hinduism, Agni, or fire worship, is practised by all Hindus from all around. Besides, Zoroastrianism worships the Atar or fire. Hence, the temple appears to be quite crucial for all. To apply for a visa to Azerbaijan online very soon. After successfully proceeding, you may collect your visa from the embassy or consulate after 3 to 4 days. Using a valid debit card, credit card, or internet banking one can pay the fee for their visa application form.


Apply for your visa to Azerbaijan online to see the Hindu temple of Baku in its capital city itself. So what are you waiting for? Apply for your visa now!

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