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Egypt - Witness The Cuisine, Culture, And Fashion By Getting Your Visa Now! Know The Visa Procedure Here

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Egypt - Witness The Cuisine, Culture, And Fashion By Getting Your Visa Now! Know The Visa Procedure Here

Visaleets | Updated on 05 Jan,2023

Hey, would you like to sail through the River Nile to uncover the truth and reveal the mysteries of the land of the pyramids? Well if it is a 'yes' what are you waiting for? Have you packed your bags? Is your Egypt Travel e-Visa ready? Passports and Visas are quite a crucial part of your travel to Egypt and without them, you will not be able to experience the beauty and the luxury created from October to April in Egypt! Finding yourself to be sad? But why? Because you couldn't manage to make a plan within these above-mentioned months? 


Let us keep you apprised that there is nothing to be sad about because a proper plan along with a decent travel itinerary and guides will lead you to Egypt at a better time. Hence, we must say you should trust the timings of your life as well as Egypt. If not in the months mentioned by us why not in the months selected by you? There is no harm in it but it is good to maintain a few things mentioned by us. 


The currency of Egypt is the Egyptian Pound. For instance, 1 USD is equal to 16 Egyptian Pounds. Egypt is quite mighty in terms of everything and if you are an adventure freak and an explorer you should visit Egypt at least once in your lifetime. Not surprisingly enough, it is home to the 1st Wonder of the World. The rich history of this country has shaped humanity in its way since the beginning. Mighty Egypt is home to a myriad of pyramids and this thing can be counted in as the sole drawcard of all. 


Egypt has got the capability of stunning each and everyone, without wasting time let us go deep and know why? 




The cuisine of Egypt is mainly surrounded by the huge usage of poultry, fruits and vegetables. Egyptian cuisines include Shawarma, Kofta, Falafel, Kabab and a lot more! These are a few of the names which are celebrated and appreciated by almost the entire world. To taste such authentic cuisines of the above-mentioned names all you need to do is take a flight to Egypt. 


To taste the authenticates of Egypt you may try a local Pita Bread which is commonly known as Eish Baladi there. It is a staple of Egyptian cuisine. Cheese has been popular since the very 1st dynasty of the country. Domiati is the most popular one being consumed to this date. Getting intrigued by reading all of these? Avail of the Egypt Electronic Visa Service now.




Egyptian Culture has got more than thousands of pages of rich and recorded history. Egypt was one of the most ancient civilizations on the planet earth and till now the history and the culture of this country are truly unique. 


Arabic is the official language of Egypt and anybody knowing it is from a different country is seriously a plus point for one being a tourist or a visitor to Egypt from their homeland. 




Personal appearance and tidiness are what the Egyptians thoroughly believe in. Usually, the usage of both jewellery and cosmetics is much more appreciated by women in the world but here men also have a sheer interest in using the same. 


Fine linen clothes are always the 1st choice of the Egyptians. Self-confidence along with both internal and external beauty is constantly evident among the rich Egyptians from the start of the Egyptian dynasty to this date. 


Visa Procedure 


To go to Egypt initially you need to have your travel documentation right. As mentioned before about the Passports and the Visas, once again, those are the main assets and the key to stepping into Egypt so it is necessary to be mindful that the Passports are expected to be in a good condition with a minimum of 2 blank pages which will be used for stamping. 


Egypt e-Visa Requirements demand a matte finished photograph of the applicant with a proper size of 35x45 mm size. 2 copies of the photographs are a must where the expression of the visa applicant should be neutral where the ears should be visible apparently. 


Get eager and apply for your Egypt e-Visa for Indians now!

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