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Visaleets | Updated on 16 Sep,2022

The process of acquiring a visa is a tedious task as it includes visiting the consulate of the country one wishes to travel to for submitting a visa application and for the interview process. However, with the advancement of technology, most of the government processes in many countries are done online.

So, many countries have now started allowing travellers to submit e-visa applications online. This helps travellers to apply for visas easily and the processing time of an e-visa application is also considerably less. In this article, we will understand different types of e-visas issued by various consulates, the application procedures and the documents required.

Different types of e-visa:

Tourist e-Visa: 

Any individual who plans to visit a foreign country for recreation can apply for a tourist e-visa. Medical e-Visa

If you are planning to visit any foreign country for treatment or emergency medical assistance then apply for a medical e-visa by submitting all the required documents.

Business e-Visa

Business e-Visas are offered by many foreign consulates to business delegates to allow them to attend business meetings and conferences in their countries.

Transit e-Visa

If you are travelling to your destination country with visa connecting flights then apply for a Transit e-visa to halt in the transit country.

Documents Required to Apply for an e-Visa

The documents required for an e-visa are very much similar to that of a regular visa. These include:

   Passport of your home country which is valid for another 6 months.

   Passport-size recent photographs should be uploaded.

   Documents such as identity certificates, income proofs etc.

   Other documents as required by the type of e-visa you are applying for.

e-Visa Application procedure


   Once you have the digital copies of your documents ready you can now proceed with the e-Visa application form.

   First, visit the official consulate website of the destination country and click on the e-Visa application form link

   Give all the details as required by the application form and attach the required supporting documents.

   Ensure that the digital copies of the supporting documents are uploaded in the required format. 

   In the end, pay the e-visa fees and await a visa-approved mail.

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