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Countries Open For Indian Tourists: Which Countries Indians Can Travel Now?

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Countries Open For Indian Tourists: Which Countries Indians Can Travel Now?

Visaleets | Updated on 27 Apr,2022

Tourists were restricted inside their houses for more than a year, but now all tourists present around the globe can view a twinkle of travelling possibilities. Let us read the article more to find out about the restrictions and when should one start making their vacation plans because the rays of hope do not seem much far down the lane!

Can Indians Start Travelling Again?

Yeah, they can!

Since then, normal worldwide travel in India has mostly started all over again. India has now eliminated all the testing needs for both vaccinated and unvaccinated tourists flying from various countries to India. Anyway now, Indians can freely fly and return without going through different procedures.

Countries Open For Indian Tourists Now

Numerous nations are now opening up to worldwide tourists, relying on various measures and testing requirements. This depends upon the destination individuals returning from.


(No quarantine needed)

  • Cape Verde 

It just needs a legal COVID vaccination certificate showcasing that you are fully vaccinated well. Also, a COVID recovery certificate showcases what you recouped from COVID more than 90 days before your journey. And a COVID RTPCR test should be done 72 hours before the departure or maybe an antigen test done 48 hours before the departure. Children till 11 years of age are exempted from these requirements.

  • Djibouti

 A negative RT PCR test is needed. Tourists should perform this particular test within 72 hours of the trip and 120 hours of arrival in Djibouti. On arrival, individuals will be needed to take another COVID test at the airport for which one should pay $30. Unvaccinated tourists will be isolated for a period of 10 days.

  • Ethiopia 

Tourists compulsorily must show proof of vaccination or maybe submit the negative RT PCR test report taken 72 hours before the departure from the country of India.

  • Kenya 

All tourists coming to Kenya should have a legal COVID negative RT PCR certificate performed within 96 hours before the trip. 

  • Mauritius

From now on, vaccinated tourists no longer require a negative RT PCR test before flying off to Mauritius. The test is just required on arrival in Mauritius.

  • Somalia 

Negative COVID test reports are now mandatory to enter Somalia. If individuals fail to show this report on arrival, then one will definitely have to waste all of the 14 days which is 2 weeks in quarantine at their own expense in a government-approved facility.

  • Zambia 

Fully vaccinated visitors are exempted from testing! The ones who won’t be able to show their vaccination certificate, mandatorily have to submit their RT-PCR test taken at least 72 hours before their arrival in Zambia.

The Americas & Caribbean

(No quarantine needed)

  • Bermuda 

All tourists to Bermuda aged above 2 years of age are needed to have an authorised Travel authorisation to enter Bermuda. All tourists aged more than 2 years of age must have a negative COVID test report before entering Bermuda and also they should post their negative report to their Travel Authorisation form. Fully vaccinated visitors should take a COVID NAAT test before their arrival, or an antigen test too before their arrival!

  • Brazil 

Tourists will have to showcase the proof of vaccination against COVID. Alternatively, individuals may showcase a negative antigen test performed within a day of boarding.

  • Canada

Pre-entry tests are no longer a need for any of the fully vaccinated tourists entering Canada by any means! Individuals still use ArriveCAN within the 72 hours they arrive in Canada.

  • Ecuador

A fulfilled Travel Health Declaration Card should be showcased on arrival! Also, tourists, who are considered to be more than 3 years of age, all have the option of either showcasing their COVID vaccination certificate or a negative RT PCR test report, performed 72 hours before boarding their flight.


Individuals require to present any one of the following-

COVID vaccination certificate proving the vaccine was allocated 2 weeks before the arrival.

A negative COVID test report was taken within 72 hours of the arrival.

  • Mexico

Mexico is open to tourists and there is no need to showcase a negative RT PCR test report on the arrival, anyway, most resorts do ask tourists to fill out the health questionnaires. There are also health screenings at the airports.

  • The Dominican Republic 

Visitors will not require any sort of pre-departure tests but all definitely would be subjected to some randomised breath testing stuff along with the health screening immediately on arrival! Visitors who have a vaccination card or maybe a negative RT PCR for an antigen test that was performed within 72 hours before they arrived in the Dominican Republic will be freed from the particular testing procedures. Visitors mandatorily should complete an Electronic Ticket form.


(No quarantine needed)

  • Kyrgyzstan 

The proof of COVID vaccination certificate or maybe a negative RT PCR test performed no more than 72 hours before the arrival by air is now required for foreign citizens whenever they enter or travel to Kyrgyzstan.

  • Thailand

Under the Test and Go scheme, fully vaccinated tourists, both Thai and foreigners, are authorised to enter Thailand without any sort of required quarantine or sandbox stay! Visitors are requested to have an insurance policy with coverage of no less than US$20,000 and a Thailand Pass. All should also have proof of prepayment for 1 night of stay at a government-approved hotel on Day 1, which will also include the expenses for 2 COVID tests and those are an RT-PCR test report on arrival on Day 1 and an antigen test on arrival on Day 5.

  • Sri Lanka

The fully vaccinated tourists can enter Sri Lanka without testing or any type of isolation or quarantine! 


(No quarantine needed)

  • Austria

Tourists entering Austria can tour Austria freely with the proof of vaccination or with the proof of recovery and also a negative COVID test report.

  • Bulgaria 

If tourists are fully vaccinated, one can easily enter Bulgaria without even requiring to test or quarantine as long as the below-mentioned documentation showcases the following:

A minimum of 14 days which is 2 weeks must have gone through since the last dose of your vaccination plan was allocated.

These above-mentioned requirements apply to all tourists aged 12 and above.

  • Croatia

If you are fully vaccinated within the last 270 days, you can easily enter Croatia without even requiring a test or quarantine!

  • Estonia

No tests and also no quarantines are needed for both vaccinated and unvaccinated tourists travelling from India.

  • France 

Currently, India is there present on France’s green list-

No more negative test reports are needed on departure for vaccinated tourists! No tests or quarantine are needed upon the arrival in metropolitan France.

Children who belong to the age group under 12 years of age are exempted from the above-mentioned necessities!

  • Greece 

Tourists must fulfil the Passenger Locator Application Form before their arrival in Greece. Testing and quarantine are no longer a need if individuals are eligible to showcase their COVID vaccination certificate proving that they were fully vaccinated at least 14 days before their arrival. It is going to be effective from 2 May 2022 that all the tourists, nonetheless of their country of origin, will be freed from this need to showcase their cagal vaccination, recovery, or maybe test certificate upon their arrival.

  • Montenegro

Individuals do not need to give their vaccination status or a negative test report for entering Montenegro.

  • Poland 

Tourists coming from outside the Schengen region must showcase their negative COVID test report in English.

  • Switzerland

There is no such test or maybe quarantine needed at the current time for entering Switzerland, and tourists entering do not have to fill out any entry passenger locator application form.

  • The United Kingdom

It doesn't matter whether you are a vaccinated tourist or not, while entering the UK, you do not need to:

Individuals mandatorily need to fulfil a UK passenger locator application form before travelling to England!

It is your choice. Performing any type of COVID test of your choice is crucial anytime before you travel or after you arrive, whatever you want and feel important.

Quarantine when you arrive!


Middle East

(Quarantine not needed)

  • Bahrain

There is no need for an RT PCR test report or quarantine need for any arrivals regardless of their particular vaccination status.

  • The United Arab Emirates 

All Indian tourists should mandatorily complete any one of the below-mentioned needs:

Individuals should show that their legal vaccination certificate, which is mandatory, reflects that the tourist is fully vaccinated, particularly with a vaccine approved by the WHO or the United Arab Emirates, and also must comprise the QR code!

Showcase a valid negative COVID RTPCR test certificate performed within 48 hours after the specimen was obtained and issued by a health service provider mandatorily with a QR code.

  • Qatar 

Fully vaccinated tourists should compulsorily showcase the negative pre-travel RT PCR test report performed no more than 48 hours before the time of departure and isolation or quarantine at a hotel or resort for a day. Authorities will undergo a Rapid Antigen Test on the initial day of the hotel quarantine. Entry is rejected for unvaccinated travellers coming from India.

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