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A Guide to a Smooth Europe Trip for Every Indian by Getting Moldova Transit Visa Effortlessly

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A Guide to a Smooth Europe Trip for Every Indian by Getting Moldova Transit Visa Effortlessly

Visaleets | Updated on 08 Nov,2022

If you are a travelling bee then don't miss visiting Europe. Known for its history and architecture, the continent has countries that are beautiful and elegant. To name a few, try visiting Moldova, France, and Germany. 


The castles belonging to the medieval period, the magnificent churches, timeless art, and the natural landscape with fields and seas make a Europe trip one to cherish. 


The countries of the continent have rich cultural backgrounds and one can witness the cultural magic and madness during the festivals such as tomato and beer festivals. 


How can one not mention wine and beer while describing Europe? European countries are famous for authentic wine and beer production. Not just tasting the greatest quality of wine, one can also visit vineyards and know more about the production process while on a Europe trip. 

Europe can be an exciting destination for partygoers. The nightlife gets merrier with pubs, trendy bars, and super clubs. If you are now planning to visit a country in Europe, then try visiting Moldova by getting an e-visa. 

Moldova is famous for its world-class wine production. One cannot miss visiting Moldova if he/she is an oenophile. The region has been known for grape cultivation since 2800 BC and one should not miss visiting the vineyards in the country. Milestii Mici is a famous winery situated 30 minutes away from Chisinau to the South.


Milestii Mici is a well-known Guinness Book of Records holder for being the largest vineyard in the world. The subterranean labyrinth (55 km) of the place has about 1.5 million bottles. One can go on a winery tour via tunnels in an electric train or on bicycles. There is a provision for eating, drinking, etc., it is unfair if one misses making merry in the tasting halls. 


Apart from the wineries, Moldova boasts a monastic life that is popular. The churches are maintained amongst tulip gardens with silvery shiny domes. If not for religious purposes try visiting these places in Moldova to witness the architectural glory. 


Food is another reason to visit Moldova. The home-cooked classics such as roast rabbit, cheese pastries, pork, meatball soup, and mushroom are the delicacies one should not miss savouring while visiting Moldova.


Apart from the above reasons one should know that it is the most budget-friendly country to visit in Europe. The wine and food are all cheap so considering visiting Moldova can also be a great option if you do not want to spend more on the trip.


One has to acquire a visa if planning to visit Europe or in specific Moldova. Get an India to Moldova visa instantly by following the below visa application procedure.


For visiting Moldova for a tourist purpose one can get a Moldova tourist visa online and if the purpose is the business activity or work, then a business visa or Moldova work visa online will do. Moldova issues different kinds of visas to foreign nationals based on their travel types such as tourist visas, transit visas, and business visas.


Moldova transit visa

This is issued by the country to foreign citizens who stop at Moldova while on their route to a destination country. A Moldova transit visa allows one to visit Moldova for a transit period till the schedule of the next connecting flight thus making the Europe trip smooth. It is a short-term visa and a type B visa.


Different Kinds of Moldova visas


As mentioned earlier the country offers various visas to foreigners based on the purpose of their travel. So, one should apply for a visa according to their purpose in the country.


The following are the visa types offered by Moldova:

  • Moldova a Type visa- this is offered to visitors who want to reach an airport in Moldova for transit purposes.
  • Moldova B Type visa - This is offered for transit purposes for visitors to Moldova.
  • Moldova type C visa - This is a form of short-term visa.
  • Moldova type D visa - This can be applied for a long stay in the country.

Moldova Transit Visa Requirements

While applying for a Moldova transit visa for an Indian, carry these essential documents:

A filled visa application form,

International passport copy

Two passport-size photographs

Proof of financial statements like bank statements,

Bookings of hotel 

Flight Reservations


The Process of Applying For a Moldova Transit Visa

  • After deciding on the Moldova airport one is intended to transit by visiting the official website of the transiting country.

  • Confirm the number of entries

  • Fill out the application form with true data

  • Pay the required application fee for completing the application submission process

  • Later along with the application form submit the required documents to the embassy and schedule an interview

  • Attend the interview and answer the questions posed by visa officials confidently and await your visa approval.

The process with Moldova e-visa for Indians is much simpler as the entire application form can be filled out online. Provide all the documents in a digital version as required by the Moldova visa requirements. Once the application is submitted by paying the fee digitally, a confirmation mail is sent to the email address provided by the recipient.

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