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Bhutan Visa Checklist

Check Travel Requirements


Bhutan Visa Application Procedure

If you are planning to travel to a place where you can heal your soul then, Bhutan could be a perfect destination for you! Known for its Gross National Happiness index, the country stands as an example of holistic development.


Bhutan is a Himalayan country with beautiful landscapes and culture. One can primarily see Buddhist culture in Bhutan. The country has monasteries that are famous for meditation camps. The Himalayan food is unique. Ema-datshi is the national dish of the country. It is a rice dish served with chili and cheese stew which can ignite the taste buds.


Travellers looking forward to visiting Bhutan in the upcoming days, here you got it all, read the entire article minutely for the information you need to know to enter the country. 


Bhutan has various visa options for travellers visiting for different purposes. These are as follows:

  • Tourist Visa
  • Business Visa
  • Visit Visa

To acquire these, firstly you need to be a genuinely intended traveller and should have the capability of bearing your expenses when in a new country. Good health is important! 


A passport is an extremely important travel document to fly to Bhutan. Please remember that your passport should be legal for a minimum of 6 months from your intended stay in Bhutan. A minimum of 3 blank pages should be available in the passport for stamping. The passport should not be torn or damaged in any way. Intending to cross an international boundary will be considered to be an offensive crime so all should follow the rules and regulations of a country before going to visit. 


An old passport is also very important to showcase to the authorities of Bhutan because it represents your travel record. So, in case you are having an old passport, submission is a must in proper condition. 


In case you have it, you compulsorily need to showcase it because without it you do not get a visa stamp.


What is the Visa Strategy and Visa Policy of Bhutan?


The detailed Visa Policy of Bhutan is discussed below!


Indian citizens are completely exempted from visa requirements to enter Bhutan. This is because Bhutan and India have signed the 1949 treaty which does not restrict the movement of citizens between the two countries.


Indians can travel to Bhutan by land or air and should carry any one of the following to get entry into Bhutan.

  • Indian Passport
  • Voter ID card having a Photograph
  • One can also submit Phuentsholing’s Indian Consulate office-issued identification slip as proof of Indian Citizenship.

Citizens of the following countries can have a 14-day visa-free visit to Bhutan if they can produce a valid and original passport with a validity of 6 months from the entry date.

  • Bangladesh
  • the Maldives

Diplomats Officials or Service passport holders of the following countries can visit Bhutan for up to 90 days without a visa.

  • Switzerland
  • Thailand

Bhutan Visa Requirements


Apart from the above-mentioned countries' nationals, all others should get a Bhutan tourist visa online. For this one has to meet all the visa requirements below!



  • A passport is proof of Nationality and is the basic document required for international travel.
  • The applicant who is planning to visit Bhutan has to submit an original passport.
  •  It should have a 6-months validity from the date of the trip.

Old Passports

  • If the applicant has old passports, then they must be submitted.
  • These reflect the travel record of the applicant and allow the consulate to decide whether to approve the visa or not.

Visa Application Form

  • A Bhutan visa application online form which is filled with accurate and reliable information has to be submitted by the applicant after duly signing it.
  • If you are applying for a Bhutan e-visa online then scanned copies of these documents should be produced.


  • The applicant should carry 2 recent passport-size photographs for submission.

Applicant’s Cover Letter

  • The applicant should submit a personal cover letter along with the visa application form that mentions the passport details, travels purpose, etc.

Financial Proof

  • Bank statements can be submitted as financial proof by the applicant.
  • The statements should be updated for the last 3 months and should carry bank seals and signatures.

Air Tickets

  • The air tickets for the complete trip have to be submitted.
  • This ensures that the applicant will not reside in Bhutan for long.

Hotel tickets


  • All the hotel vouchers booked for the entire stay during the trip have to be submitted.

Travel Itinerary

  • A travel itinerary is a document that outlines the daily plan during the trip.
  • The applicant should submit a Travel Itinerary.

For Bhutan business visa services, additional documents like recommendation letters and a company invitation are required.

Final Thoughts

Visiting Bhutan can be a life-changing experience for many. You may be refreshed emotionally and physically due to the spiritual vibrations in the Buddhist monasteries. So, ensure to visit Bhutan without any delay!

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