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Andorra Visa Checklist

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Andorra Visa Application Procedure

Andorra could be a great vacation spot during summers and winters. Situated in Europe, this principality is landlocked by France and Spain and can easily be accessible from these countries. Surrounded by mountains, Andorra offers picturesque sights while you travel across the mountain passes.


The forest and lakes of the mountains will work wonders on the soul, which may leave you rejuvenated after the trip. The summers can be exciting with the fragrance of mountain flowers, and delicious food in the principality. The Summer Nights program offered by the Andorra government is to increase awareness among tourists about their culture.


Winters are also fun at Andorra. You can participate in a variety of winter sports such as mountain hiking etc. The Olympus Race of Andorra is famous in the region and many experienced athletes participate in the race. 


The region has hotel accommodations and restaurants that offer a wide variety of cuisines made by top chefs. So, if you're planning on visiting Andorra for a vacation, then continue reading this blog. 


Below are the Andorra visa requirements online! 


Travelers looking forward to visiting Andorra in the upcoming days, here you got it all, read the entire article minutely for the information you need to know to enter the country. 


Andorra provides its travelers with various sorts of visas and they are as follows-

  • Tourist Visa
  • Business Visa
  • Visiting Visa

To acquire these, firstly you need to be a genuinely intended traveler and should have the capability of bearing your expenses when in a new country. Good health is important! 


A passport is an extremely important travel document to fly to Andorra. Please remember that your passport should be legal for a minimum of 6 months from your intended stay in Andorra. A minimum of 3 blank pages should be available in the passport for stamping. The passport should not be torn or damaged in any way. Intending to cross an international boundary will be considered to be an offensive crime so all should follow the rules and regulations of a country before going to visit. 


An old passport is also very important to showcase to the authorities of Andorra because it represents your travel record. So, in case you are having an old passport, submission is a must in proper condition. 


In case you have it, you compulsorily need to showcase it because without it you do not get a visa stamp.


What is the Visa Strategy and Visa Policy of Andorra?

The below mentioned countries do not require a visa to enter Schengen, so, they can travel to Andorra too by just having legal passports:



Antigua and Barbuda





Bosnia and Herzegovina






Costa Rica


El Salvador




Holy See (Vatican City State)


Hong Kong S.A.R




Macao S.A.R


Marshall Islands








New Zealand


North Macedonia





Saint Kitts and Nevis

Saint Lucia

Saint Vincent





the Solomon Islands

South Korea


Timor Leste


Trinidad and Tobago



United Arab Emirates

United Kingdom

United States of America




Andorra Visa Requirements


Mandatory Andorra Visa Requirements Online:

  • An original passport should be submitted along with a filled and duly signed Andorra tourist visa application form or Andorra work visa online application.

  • Two passport-size photographs which were recently clicked need to be submitted.

  • The covering letter with details of travel purpose, personal details, and passport details is also mandatory.

  • The financial documents that need to be submitted include:

1. A bank statement that has all the transaction details of the past 6 months. It should be stamped and sealed by the bank officials.

One has to submit Income tax returns for the last 3 years.

  • Air tickets are essential as they serve as proof that you are not planning to stay in the region forever.

  • Hotel accommodation tickets are also required by the visa authorities.

  • Ensure that you have a travel itinerary, which needs to be submitted.

  • Travel insurance of a minimum of EUR 30,000 which is valid during the stay period, is required.

Supporting Documents:-


Based on the type of visit one has to submit other supporting documents as follows:


For Visiting Visa:

  • If you are visiting Andorra to meet a friend or relative, then you are required to submit an invitation letter that mentions the relationship between you and the inviter.

  • It should also contain an assurance that your boarding and lodging would be taken care of by the family you visit.

  • The ID proof of the inviter and

  • Resident permit or passport of the inviter.

  • You can submit an Andorra visit visa online application form along with these documents

For Business Visa:


Supporting documents that need to be submitted for acquiring an Andorra work visa online are as follows:

  • A recommendation letter from the Government of India’s institutions such as Chambers of Commerce and Industries, Export Promotion Council Of India, etc.
  • Invitation letter from the company you are into a deal with.

If Sponsored

  • If sponsored, one has to submit the sponsorship letter providing information such as the visitor's name, the relationship between the sponsor and visit, travel dates, and duration of the stay.
  • Address proof of Sponsor
  • Financial statements of the Sponsor.

Final Thoughts


It is advisable to keep all documents handy before applying for a visa. Have a safe and fun trip!

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