According to our expertise, there area unit a couple of main reasons why applications for a Schengen visa aren't approved by a diplomatic building.

Let us guide you thru them.

#1: Misunderstanding what a  Schengen visa is. there's no such issue as "the Schengenvisa" for all countries. you can't simply apply for "the Schengen visa". it's extremely vital to know however it works. There area unit 25 that area unit beneath the Schengen agreement; a visa issued by any of those countries is termed a Schengen visa. for instance, if you've got a visa granted by the French diplomatic building, it's a French Schengen visa. If your visa was issued by the German diplomatic building, you've got a

German Schengen visa. there's a rule concerning applying for your visa at a specific diplomatic building: you want to apply for a Schengen visa at the consulate of the country that's getting to be your main destination. quite a few candidates fail to outline their main destination properly and that they find yourself with the applying turned down.

#2: Confusion regarding visa length and its validity. many candidates suppose they'll get a Schengen visa for one or 2 years and pay a full year or 2 in a very Schengen country however this can be not it works. you'll be able to get a visa for one year, however only you meet bound conditions and needs. as an example, if you're submitting your visa application for a visa for the Kingdom of Spain, Associate in Nursingd you're not a partner of an EU/EEA national, you most likely are going to be granted one entry visa valid for one trip for the primary time. As for the length of keep, please seek advice from your visa to visualize what percentage days you'll pay within the Schengen space. A multiple entry visa permits many stays on the territory of 1 of the many Schengen States, on condition that the entire length of the visits doesn't exceed ninety days in any half-year from the date of initial entry. Tourist visas, Business visas and Transit visas area unit all short-stay visas which permit the bearer to remain within the Schengen countries up to ninety days in any half-year most. If you own a property in Europe and you intend to pay over ninety days there, the visa you want to apply for could be a long run visa.

#3: interval issue. If you think that that the diplomatic building can issue a visa for you on a constant day, you're mistaken. With Schengen visas at the instant, it takes a minimum of three operating days to possess a visa application processed. during this facet abundant depends on status. For those holding passports of developing countries, the method could take longer - between 3 to four weeks from the day your application has been accepted.

#4: Applying at a wrong facility. once you've got outlined your main destination, you wish to book a briefing at the consulate/application centre of that country. however, use caution and book a briefing at the power serving YOUR space. for instance, if you reside nearer to Manchester than London, you'll not apply for a Spanish Schengen visa in London, you've got to submit your application in Manchester. Study embassies' internet sites to seek out out what areas they service and wherever you ought to lodge your application.

#5: Submitting recent or wrong application forms. make certain that you simply fill out the right and up-to-date visa form. The forms will be found on embassies' official internet site.

It may appear a challenge to get a Schengen visa however this method will be a no brainer if you are doing it with a skilled recommendation. Get the orient a way to fill the Schengen visa application quickly and easily!