All immigrants wish to return to U. S. should gift a basis for his or her application for a U.S. visa. The overall classes area unit migrator and non-immigrant visas. Migrator visas area unit for foreign nationals World Health Organization shall board u. s. for good. Non-immigrant visas area unit for foreign nationals World Health Organization shall keep within u. s. quickly.

Immigrant and non-immigrant visas area unit divided into the subsequent classes. Please note that this list reflects solely the foremost common classes.

Immigrant Visas

  • Family-Sponsored Visa(I-130)
  • PERM Labor Certification Visa
  • Employment Bases Visa (EB-1/EB-2)
  • Violence Against ladies Act Visa (VAWA)
  • Special migrator Juvenile standing Visa
  • Diversity Visa Program-Lottery (DV-2014)
  • Extraordinary Ability Visa (EB-1A)
  • Professors/Researchers Visa (EB-1B)

Non-immigrant Visas

  • Business Visa (B-1)
  • Visitors Visa (B-2) ‚óŹ Student Visa (F-1)
  • Fiancée Visa (K-1)
  • Skilled employees Visa (L-1B)
  • Extraordinary Ability Visa (O-1)
  • Entertainer's Visa (P-1)
  • Religious employees Visa (R-1)


When Associate in nursing intending migrator submits his application for u. s. visa below one in all the classes obtainable to the somebody, the United States government can method the visa. The time interval depends on the class of visa below that the migrator applies. When the U.S. visa is processed, the migrator should move to Associate in a Nursing interview at the U.S. Embassy overseas. The aim of the interview depends on the class of the U.S. visa below that the migrator has applied. the subsequent area unit examples that illustrate the needs of the interview followed by one or two of sample queries that the asker might raise the migrator to work out the approval of the U.S. visa.

Tourist Visa: During this case, U.S. tourer visas area unit granted to immigrants

World Health Organization shall visit the U.S. quickly as a visitant. Once Associate in Nursing migrator applies for a non-immigrant visa, the United States government presumes that the non-immigrant intends to measure within the U.S. for good. The migrator bears the burden to determine that he or she is going to keep within the U.S. solely quickly and can depart before the expiration of his or her U.S. tourer visa. The migrator might meet this burden by establishing that he or she has decent social, economic, and family ties together with his country of citizenship so that he or she is going to depart the U.S. and come to his country upon the expiration of his visa. The migrator might establish such ties by, for instance, showing that he owns property in his home country, or that he's the daddy or mother of Associate in Nursing underage kid World Health Organization isn't incidental to him or her on the trip, or that he or she is that the sole son or female offspring of one parent World Health Organization he or she cares for. The migrator should additionally establish that he or she has decent funds to hide his keep within the U.S. whereas every case varies by its distinctive circumstance and there's no bright-line decree establishing the approval of a U.S. visa, the additional proof the migrator presents to determine his or her

Intent to come, the higher the possibilities of being approved for the tourer visa. The subsequent could be a sample of queries that the asker might raise the immigrant:

What is the aim of your trip?

Who pays for the expenses of your trip?

Do you have any relatives within the United States?

How long can you keep within the United States?

Where can you keep throughout your stay?

What does one do for a living?

Have you visited the other countries?

Fiancé Visa: during this case, betrothed visas area unit granted to fiancées, known as beneficiaries, the World Health Organization want to immigrate to U. S. to marry their spouse-to-be. the interview aims to determine that the migrator is that the betrothed of the Legal Permanent Resident of u. s. subject spouse-to-be, known as the petitioner which the 2 shall unify inside ninety days of the beneficiaries arrival to u. s. The subsequent could be a sample of queries that the asker might raise the migrator betrothed to work out whether or not to approve the fiancée’s U.S. visa.

How did you and your groom-to-be meet?

When did you betrothed propose to you?

When and wherever did you last see your fiancée?

When does one arrange on travel to the United States?

How long have you ever and your betrothed illustrious every other?

Where was your betrothed born?

When is your fiancée’s birthday?

What will your betrothed do for a living and wherever will he work?

Have you ever travelled to the United States?

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