What is a Visa?

Visa is nothing however a sort of written document or certificate of endorsement or allows on your passport indicating that you just are allowed to enter, leave and keep in a very specific country for a mere amount of your time or for good. Visa is often a separate certificate with a stamp marked on your passport.

Who can issue Visa?

Visas are issued by the immigration authorities of a far off country when checking and validating all of your credentials properly. Once, you get a visa means that you're permissible to enter a rustic and keep there for a particular amount of your time. However, the permission received through visa is temporary and subject to approval from the immigration officer at the entry purpose of that individual country or region.

What are the kinds of Visa in India?

There are different types of visas issued by immigration authorities of a rustic that embody –

1.            Clerking Visa

2.            Multiple Entry Visa

3.            Business visa

4.            Holidaymaker visa

5.            Residence Visa

6.            Visa on arrival

7.            Short keep visa

8.            Long keep Visa

9.            Work Visa

10.          Electronic or E-Visa etc

Single entry Visa

Single entry Visas remains valid just for one visit to a selected country whereas Multiple Entry Visas allow any variety of visits to a selected country at intervals its validity tenure.

Business Visa

Business Visa is issued to candidates for brief-term visits to conduct overseas business negotiations.

Tourists Visas

Tourists Visas are in the main for the aim of travelling from one country to a different.

Residence Visa

Residence Visa offers permits extended to occupy a selected country. But, it doesn't provide permission to require up employment in this country.

Work Visa

Work Visa permits to your keep and take up employment in a very specific country for a particular amount of your time. This kind of visa is additionally called a piece allow visa.

Electronic or E-Visas

Electronic or E-Visas don't seem to be issued as certificates. Rather, permission is recorded on a pc.

Indian Visa

Apart from the common classes of visas, there are multiple subclasses of visas offered by completely different countries like Medial Visa, Transit Visa, operating vacation visa, etc. supported the aim of your travel and also the technique of visa provision, the categorization of visas is completed.

How to Apply for a Visa?

You can apply for a visa each on-line and offline. Just in case of offline visa application, usually, you would like to transfer the appliance kind and fill it with needed details. Then, you have got to submit the crammed form supported by all needed credentials at your involved visa application centre. Different totally completely different countries might have different application procedures for applying for visas. Several countries might not settle for offline visa application. Also, the price concerned in applying for a visa conjointly differs from countries to countries.

How to Check My Visa standing Online?

Visa standing check is often done on-line. So as to examine your visa standing on-line, you would like to go to the visa standing inquiry section of a selected diplomatic building and keep sure info handy with you. To grasp your passport visa standing, you'll be needed to place the subsequent information:

1.            Application ID

2.            Passport Number

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