Do you know? What further factor will assist you to urge your visa application approved, it's a no-objection letter. No objection certificate (NOC) is one in every of the outstanding document that will increase the possibilities to urge your visa approved with none problem. No objection letter is proof that your leader, school, university or any institute offers you within which they clearly state that they don’t get to argue along with his worker whereas the trip dates.

It is necessary to grasp that within the visa application method no objection letter could be a necessary document that you must not overlook.


No objection letter or certificate (NOC) could be a straightforward letter that your leader or any institute, wherever you're presently utilized offers you to declare that this worker works with the US and his earnings mentioned in it also. Also, this worker will manage his expenses one by one, whereas this trip starting date to the current trip ending date. With this, no objection letter leader expresses his consent along with his work and clearly states that this worker will maintain his expenditures within the holidays.

The leader ought to mention the worker travel desired destination and therefore the amount of the vacations which supply some sense to the diplomatic building that this employee has ample funds or will bear the expenses and he/she can revisit to his country for sure consistent with the mentioned dates.


Before obtaining yourno objection certificate /letter, first, it's necessary to grasp concerning the elements of the no objection letter.

  • Address, Name, and title
  • Letter reference like (Re: No Objection Certificate)
  • Letter beginning greetings like (Dear Sir/Madam OR pricey XYZ Name)
  • Name of the worker within the initial introduction paragraph
  • Employee Annual earnings like ($70,000/Year)
  • Employee connection dates and worker designation/position in a very company
  • Employee trip destination country name and need town during this country
  • Mention if the worker occurring a visit along with his family or alone
  • The valid amount of the trip or holidays like (For three weeks holidays OR from twenty-three Dec 2019 to ten January 2020 etc.)
  • Acceptance of his leave from his leader

Final Salutations

No objection letter or certificate ought to be precise and easy. confine mind that, the higher than elements ought to exist in your no objection letter.

You also got to confine mind, from a few year’s immigration methods currently gonna robust that’s could be a core reason and sensible apply to a request to your leader or manager to write down a no objection letter for you. as a result of that letter offers permission from your leader aspect and offers peace of mind to the Visaleets diplomatic building or embassy.


Model No Objection Certificate


Nov 14, 2019

Embassy of Italy


C42/6, Poway Plaza, 

Hiranandani Garden,

Poway - 400076


Re: No Objection Certificate

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing this letter is in reference to Mr Rahul, with ID number 98762345, who has been working at XYZ global ltd company as an accountant since January 1st, 2010. Mr Kunal has an impeccable work ethic and for the work he does, he receives an annual salary of 960,000 rupees (12146 ITL).


On behalf of XYZ global ltd and as Mr Kunal’s supervisor, we have no objection to Mr Kunal getting a visa to Italy to travel during his approved leave at work, for summer vacations. Mr Kunal has approved leave for two weeks, starting from Nov 15 to Nov 29, 2019.

We also validate that Mr Kunal is able to financially support himself during the travel with his compensation package at our company. Attached is the proof of Mr Kunal’s annual income.

Please feel free to contact me, if any further information is required. Sincerely,






Branch Manager at XYZ global ltd


C42/6, Powai Plaza, 

Hiranandani Garden,

Poway - 400076

+39 3xx xxxxxxx

[email protected]