A passport is very much above than a way to use for a three-week holiday. It indicates where you reside in the world, the benefits you can avail and how you are served around the globe.

Henley Passport Index indicated the highly valuable passport in the world in 2020- where citizens will be permitted to travel freely and without getting any visa grant.

Japan is on the top of the list, who collaborated with Singapore in 2019. But, regards to an amendment made in the entry requirements by Brazil wherein Japanese citizens are now allowed to enter without a visa. The fact is, Japan is permitted to access 191 countries visa-free.

Singapore is on the second over the list while South Korea and Germany tied in the 3rd place with access to 189 countries as per recent statistics.

The U.S. and the U.K. are in seventh place with access to 185 countries. “German, French, Luxembourgian, Finnish, German, Italian, and French passports can all be accessed to around 188 countries without arranging any visa,” reported by Statista.

Afghanistan is at the bottom of the list with access to 26 countries only. In comparison, Iraq with access to 28 countries and Syria with access to 29 countries are eligible for visa-free journeys.

The outbreak of COVID-19 makes passport strength and power temporarily unnoticeable Henley expressed in the press release; the above results are surely based on pre-COVID circumstances, the time when the world was free from this fatal disease. It said, “Around half of the total population of the world, nowadays living involuntary and compulsory restrictions, the recent outcomes raise questions about visa-free rules for post-pandemic.

It is clear that due to this pandemic, the real significance of powerful passports have been lost because eligible citizens cannot be travelled to their access countries due to lockdown and health restrictions. This affects many powerful passports and has also dragged them at the bottom of the list. All this will also keep the eligible travellers away from the places for a long time where the effect of this pandemic is very high.

The U.K. passport has still not entirely affected by the Brexit Currently; the UK is holding the 7th place with access to 185 countries visa-free. However, it is still waiting to watch how powerful the British passport will become once the free movement in the European Countries (EU) will be ended (it was decided for January 2021, but Brexit discussions will be delayed due to coronavirus outbreak).

As per IATA (the International Air Transport Authority) data that is collected with 227 different possible destinations and 199 different passports, and then analyze the probability of requirement of a visa for every different place with every different passport.

It has decided, the passport for the above rule is regular, not a diplomatic one. Still, the passport holder must fulfil all the essential requirements for entry such as up-to-date vaccinations, medical, sufficient funds, a return ticket, etc.