No doubt, Spain is a very beautiful country to live, study, and of course, roam around. When you decided to apply a tourist visa to Spain, then this visa comes under the Schengen visa type, which permits tourists to visit other Schengen countries also. Thus, under a single visa, tourists will be able to roam other countries too.

To apply a tourist visa to Spain from India, a few documents have to arrange accordingly the checklist. For this, you have to contact an agent to collect these documents accurately and soonest. Visaleets is one of those agents that offers an uninterrupted way of collecting all documents needed to file a tourist visa. To apply for an online tourist visa to Spain, click here

Steps needed to follow to apply a tourist visa to Spain:

  1. Since you are already aware of the type of visa you desire, and if you wish to visit more than one country in your Spain tourist visa under the Schengen countries, you only need to apply for this visa from Spain by considering the below factors to get the approval:
  • Spain should be your main destination.
  • Spain should be the country where you will live for maximum time.
  • Spain should be your state of first entry.
  • Spain should be your main purpose of travel.
  1. Valid Original Passports with 6 months from the date of travel.
  2. Online Printed Visa Application Form.
  3. 2 Photos 35 X 45mm, having a white background, matt finish 80% face cover.
  4. Two way Air Tickets
  5. Cover letter (take covering letter from Visaleets)
  6. Sponsorship Letter
  7. Bank statement for at least the last 6 months that have sufficient balance to managing the entire trip, which should be at least €65.52 (INR 4914) per day for per person
  8. Income Tax / Form 16 for at least the last 3 years
  9. Salary slips
  10. Company registration proof
  11. Retirement Proof - If retired
  12. Hotel reservation
  13. Flight booking
  14. Travel Health Insurance

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Moreover, in case of minor or married couples, please consult here

  1. Once the documents are collected, book your appointment and reach there accordingly time given.
  2. Once all the documents are submitted, the consulate will take at least 15 to 30 days to process your request.
  3. If your request is approved, your passport is stamped and returned, and if it is rejected, you can appeal to the Spanish Consulate.