Obtaining a Russian visa could be a protracted and complicated procedure that involves a great deal of work. in contrast to most countries, the Russian visa needs a letter of the invite as a rule of law. this can be a compulsory document to start the visa process and no applications area unit diverted while not this.

However, the govt. of the state will permit voters of several specific countries to enter its borders while not securing a visa. this can be supported agreements - each bilateral and triangular - with these countries. Russia provides unlimited free entry to few however not all European countries that were earlier a section of land as Soviet voters. It additionally permits a 90-day free entry to countries like Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Guatemala, Uruguay, Israel, Nicaragua, Republic of Venezuela and Brazil.

For the remainder of the planet, Russia follows some strict visa regimes and problems eleven forms of visa - Diplomatic, Guest/Private, Tourism, Work, Business/Commercial,

Government Business, Student/Education, Humanitarian, Temporary keep, Transit and expatriate - however, what constitutes for over seventy-fifth of visa is merely tour and Business Visas.

Tourist Visa:

As already mentioned, a letter of the invite is needed for Russian visas and this one doesn't hold valid for thirty days. Any Russian tourer agency or building with a 'tour/group reference number' that is registered with the Department of diplomat Services of Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) is eligible to issue these invites. These invite letters will value something from being liberal, betting on the agency or building you're obtaining it issued from. a number of government-approved hotels that give these letters area unit Aerostar, Arbat, Balchug-Kempinski, Belgrad, Best Western Art, vacation hotel, Intourist, Iris, Izmailovo, Marriott, Metropol, National and Novotel.

Business Visa:

This visa permits you to trip Russia multiple times a year and helps you to keep within the country for thirty days, in contrast to the tourist visa. The letter of invite for this visa may be obtained from any registered agency that may furnish you with the travel voucher. This visa features a time cap of twelve months and doesn't authorise the visa holder to undertake any work-related activities. This visa is supposed just for business-related activities like meeting business counterparts, attending conferences and expos or language a contract. 

Visa application created simple, visit the destination of your alternative without concern concerning the visa.

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