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Uruguay, a nation who has been appreciated as of handling its country from further spread of this fatal disease for last many months, is now decided to keep shut for international tourism with an intention to control the increasing of COVID-19 virus.

Further, borders of Uruguay will keep closed for international tourism, until at least 2021.

Uruguay’s summer season kicks off in December and is mostly busy with a lot of incoming tourists, however this year, the government has determined to keep the borders closed for the summer season.

Luis Lacalle Pou, president of Uruguay said that it is going to be a restricted summer, the borders are going to be mostly closed.

Further, the statement revealed in the official government’s ministry of tourism page reads:

The succeeding summer season will seek Uruguay with closed borders and restricted access for the public. The national government made this daunting decision, after the advance of the COVID-19 in our country and also based on the experience of the world.”

To assist make this decision, the government has taken into account other nations that begun reopening, like Costa Rica and Iceland, and even with their restrictions like health screenings and testing, both saw a rise in coronavirus cases after border restrictions were waived off.

Additionally, Uruguay does not expect the same to happen to its residents, especially after such a successful flattening of the curve for the last eight months.

Moreover, as of cases in Uruguay remain extremely low, they did hit a hike of around 65 new COVID-19 cases on October 28th, a number they have been since back in March at the starting of the epidemic.

As of now, the total cases of COVID-19 in Uruguay has gone to 3044 in total while the number of deaths is 57 in number, a tiny fraction of the numbers got from neighbours Argentina and Brazil.

The country Brazil has experienced almost 5.5 million cases and around 159000 deaths while Argentina has recorded over 1.1 million total coronavirus cases and over 30,000 deaths.

The closure could go further into 2021

Local government expect the borders to stay closed throughout the relaxation of 2020 however perhaps would not open for foreign citizens until March or April of 2021.

Domestic tourism plans

With an intention to assist rebound domestic tourism within borders of Uruguay, the government has promoted advertising called the ‘Summer Plan’ on the way to help hold tourism-based totally business employed and inspire citizens to staycation within the nation.

The latest press release at the domestic tourism promotion expresses

“The precautions can be done from December 2020 to April 4, 2021, and encompass a zero VAT charge for the motel enterprise, a 9 VAT point bargain for gastronomic activities and car rentals, monthly discount of 8000 pesos in employer contributions of recent contracts or the reinstatement of employees, access to credit ensures through the SIGA (National Guarantee System).

With the assertion of the Summer Plan promoting, the Álvaro Delgado, Presidential Secretary was made the government clarified strongly disappoints Uruguayans crossing over into Argentina for any tourism functions.

Additionally, Argentina has now restarted its borders, allowing the entry of neighbouring citizens for purposes of tourism and leisure, however, Uruguay does not want its residents going.

“Is it well worth it, for some mushrooms or for jeans, to turn the health of the individual at risk? The fitness or health of spouse and children? Friends? Putting at risk what is costing us Uruguayans so much for long, keeping a controlled epidemic with the open economic system?” requested Delgado.

PCR Testing

If any residents of Uruguay determine to travel to Argentine regardless of the government’s plea, they would have to undergo a negative PCR test to be permitted back into the country as well as sign a health affidavit.

If any citizens of Uruguay decide to travel to Argentina despite the government's plea, they will

In the month of August, this country had issued a press release expressing a reopening to European countries will soon be in effect, however, those regimes were cancelled as of a surge in coronavirus throughout the whole European continent.

Recently, only residents coming back to home, authorized c

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