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After the United Arab Emirates was asserted in August, El Al flew a delegation of the United States and Israeli officials to Abu Dhabi.

As performer announcement, direct flights between the United Arab Emirates and Israel decided to start in October after a landmark normalization deal, is going to be postponed until January as of current situation of COVID-19, stated in an Israeli official said Tuesday.

The air link which is the most tangible outcome of the accord which was signed at the White House in September intends to open up business and tourism opportunities to balance the coronavirus slowdown that has really imbalance their economies.

Unfortunately, as of the second lockdown in Israel, which is now considering the world’s highest COVID-19 rates per capita has decided to hold the plans, weaken the expectations for quick balancing.

Jerusalem's deputy mayor Fleur Hassan-Nahoum stated AFP while their visit to Dubai, “I feel with the COVID-19 that we are the king of running with our hands behind our backs.”

There were considered to be direct flights in October, then Israel was gone into shutdown. Then, when I have words with officials here and there, we are seeking at the first of January, stated by the co-founder of the United Arab Emirates-Israel Business Council, Hassan-Nahoum,

She stated United Arab Emirates carriers Etihad and Emirates along with the budget operator flydubai and Israir are all supposing working with the sector. In addition, the Dubai-based Emirates interested to produce kosher meals along with considering Jewish dietary rules and also with a reliable production facility supposed to be operating from its the United Arab Emirates premised by January.

'Palpable excitement' – regardless of the delay, Hassan-Nahoum expressed the tourism sector will be among the first to get advantage from the normalization agreement. As per the grant having taken everyone by surprise, only a few firm projections, however, she stated industry experts analyze around 100-250,000 visitors a year from every side.

She further stated, She stated "I can specify you in Israel there's this sort of thirst for peace and normalization within our country, particularly the United Arab Emirates that's the most modern economy of the Middle East. People are really thrilled." She further expressed, "COVID-19 is the only thing holding us back," along with the shortage of visa arrangements which can be presently being thrashed out.

"The minute a visa rule is in place, we are considering many, many people on each facets coming right here. Also, there's an actual palpable excitement, no longer simply to go on an additional holiday vacation. It's truly about this rapprochement with an Arab country that expects a humble peace."

In addition, a wide number of tourists will be welcome news for Dubai which is, in fact, the most diversified economy, however, saw GDP contract 3.5% in the first quarter that is after two years of modest growth.

Unluckily, Emirates airlines have been pushed to downsize and fire thousands of employees.

Tourism has been in emirate's mainstay for a prolonged time. It welcomed above 16 million visitors in 2019 and earlier than the epidemic crippled international travel, the intention becomes to attain 20 million this year.

Further, the United Arab Emirates changed into the first Gulf monarchy to normalize ties with Israel and only the third Arab country, after Egypt and Jordan, with whom the Jewish kingdom's relations are cool. Also, Bahrain accompanied its Gulf neighbour's lead remaining month.

It turned into the first commercial flight among the two countries along with the first official flight of the Israeli carrier over Saudi Arabia.

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