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Those who already have a valid Turkish visa, but, unfortunately, they cannot travel as of this epidemic, can reapply now without paying any cost.

In the light Covid-19 epidemic, Turkey has decided for long validity visas for the applicants.

Further, the Consulate of Turkey is going to offer visas with 2-year validity for interested applicants.

Furthermore, Turkey would issue a new sticker visa for the visa holders who already have an evisa or a sticker however were not able to use it as of now because of the sudden spread of SARS-CoV-2 infection, as per the recent source.

This new visa going to issue will also have 2 years validity. Thus, if an applicant is not able to travel in this epidemic, the applicants are free to re-apply for the visa without any free of charge.
To reapply for a Turkey visa, the applicants are requested to apply via Turkish visa centres in Mumbai, Hyderabad, and New Delhi.

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