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The United Kingdom (UK) is going to enter into a second lockdown as of surge in coronavirus cases, will going to start on Thursday, November 5 until at least December 2, 2020.

The lockdown across England will include the closure of all non-essential businesses and offerings, except schools and vital stores, similarly limiting of personal networks and a widespread stay at home order.

Travel prohibitions that come into place on November 5 will affect the entire United Kingdom, as citizens of England will not be able to tour for leisure at some stage in the nation, or overseas.

After 2nd-lockdown regimes have been in advance leaked, Boris Johnson held a final-minute press conference on October 31 to inform residents of the United Kingdom at the contemporary measures the government is taking.

Additionally, Boris Johnson had formerly said that he desires to “keep away from the distress of another lockdown,” but, it seems the pressure of the epidemic has overruled his initial expectation.

Like France, Italy, Spain, Germany, and Belgium all have suffered from closures, curfews, and new restrictions, only this regime will be going to be followed by the United Kingdom.

Increasing cases and a significant surge in deaths have exploded across the country over the last few months, not to mention a fear that empty hospital beds are instantly disappearing.

Boris Johnson further expressed that no one expects to be imposing these sorts of measures anywhere. He also stated that “Unless we take action, we could see deaths in this country running at thousands a day.”

Details of Lockdown in the UK

Following are the details of lockdown which is going to be started on November 5:

  • Closure of all non-essential businesses as well as shops. This will include salons, gym, retail, hospitality, and cinemas.
  • Avoid public transit if possible
  • Work from home is being strongly recommended.
  • Closure of restaurants, bars, and pubs except for takeaway and delivery
  • Single adult households are liable only to form a bubble with 1 other household
  • People will be eligible to leave the house for fundamental reasons, like education, outdoor exercise, medical treatment, work, or to shop for essential supplies. 

What will be kept opened amid the second lockdown in the UK?

  • Essential shops such as grocery stores, pharmacies, etc. 
  • Universities, Schools and childcare facilities 

Travel Restrictions amid the second lockdown in the UK

Though the PM Johnson does not reveal it about the travel restrictions in the UK in the press conference, the government of this country soon will update new travel rules during the second lockdown. 

Additionally, overnight stays and holidays away from primary residences will not be permitted in the second lockdown, which will include holidays both abroad and in the United Kingdom.

In the case of having a second home, you are also not allowed to use it during the lockdown.

Besides, hotels or motels will only be allowed for business stays as leisure stays will be denied.

NoteTravel for business purposes will be still allowed both domestic and international.

Since the commencement of this epidemic, the United Kingdom has experienced more than 1 million total cases, wherein deaths are around 46000, turning it the 5th highest death toll in the world.

Furthermore, the United Kingdom has basically remained ‘open’ for tourism during the epidemic, regardless of a despite a 14-day quarantine required for all foreign citizens entering the UK, which reportedly is very rarely enforced. As of now, there are no amendments for entry requirements into the United Kingdom.

Passengers are still free to enter this country, but with 14-day isolation, which has residents questioning why international tourists can come in if citizens cannot go out.

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