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The government touted the compulsory isolation rules being a significant part of Hawaii’s early success in keeping the COVID-19 at bay.

Struggling businessmen and annoyed residents in Hawaii amid this pandemic will be watching closely as tourists started to travel to the islands on Thursday without having the necessary requirement to get isolated upon arrival.

To avoid the necessity isolation requirements for tourists, the government of Hawaii has arranged a new pre-travel testing program which permits visitors who test negative for coronavirus to enter this state of the USA located in the Pacific Ocean. This new system will allow the tourists to keep away from the necessity of two weeks of mandatory quarantine- a requirement that has been mandatory for all arriving travellers for most of the year.

In addition, the arrival of the state-run testing program is simply an effort to stem the devastating downturn the epidemic has had on the tourism-based economy of Hawaii.

Besides, the introduction of this new pre-travel testing program amid the increasing cases of SARS-CoV-2 virus infection across the U.S. and the world have made the people doubted about whether Hawaii is ready to safely welcome back international tourism.

When the local COVID-19 restrictions were eased prior to summertime holidays, community spread of this fatal virus was gone to very high, forcing the residents to follow precautions restricted once again along with pushing the non-essential businesses to close down until the circumstances turned out to be under control.

Adversaries of the COVID-19 testing program have stated a single test 72 hours earlier than arrival - mainly while coupled with the option to fly without a coronavirus test and self-quarantine - is not sufficient to keep island residents secure. However, Hawaii has created an economic system nearly entirely around tourism and neighbourhood households who rely on the arena to survive need to go back to work. Furthermore, above one hundred of Hawaii's around 4,000 eating places, bakeries and caterers have shut down permanently and more than half expect they may not survive in the following months, officers have stated.

Monica Toguchi Ryan, whose family has been indulging in The Highway Inn restaurant on Oahu for over 70 years, expressed the disappearance of tourism. He further said the service industry and restaurant suffered a lot in this epidemic. Unfortunately, restaurants have not got any federal relief since the spring and are finding it difficult to pay their expenses. Unluckily, some restaurants have entirely shut down and are unable to pay for their rent, staff wages, and food supplies.

Ryan further joined Democratic Gov. David Ige on Wednesday to reveal a new restaurant debit card that would give some unemployed Hawaii citizens $500 to spend at local restaurants in the next 2 months (60 days).

Federal CARES Act money has funded this $75 million program with an intention to stimulate the local economy.

Toguchi Ryan also revealed that when restaurants like us have more clients, we buy more from our providers, then we further reinvest the earnings many times over in our local economy.

Above 1.4 million residents reside in Hawaii, and have reported 10 more COVID-19 deaths and above 100 fresh confirmed cases this Wednesday. Further, home to the famed Waikiki Beach, Oahu which is also the most populated island of the state has witnessed 4% positive cases of this fatal disease.

Mayors of the county have criticized the new plan of the state wherein only a single test is needed before to fly and want a compulsory second test for all coming passengers.

It was revealed by the Kauai island Mayor Derek Kawakami last week that the secondary testing proposal was rejected by the governor.
Maui and Kauai counties determined on voluntary secondary COVID-19 testing for site visitors. The Big Island must need secondary rapid screening upon arrival for tourists to avoid isolation. Oahu officials have stated they need to install another layer of screening however do no longer but have the testing potential.

"His county might choose out of the pre-travel testing application totally and keep to require all arriving visitors to be isolated for 2 weeks. Both now have different regimes" stated by Big Island Mayor Harry Kim. In addition, the governor stated this week that mayors may want to deploy secondary testing measures on their res

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