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Jamaica has been a prominent island country in the world who was effectively able to reopen its nation for tourism during this epidemic, how the country is taking it one step ahead with the deployment of their new Jamaica Cares program, which is compulsory travel insurance for all travellers into the country.

But the travellers willing to move to Jamaica have to adjust their budget wherein they have to include the compulsory program which would be around $50 per person.

This new regime is going to be started mid-November wherein all travellers need to add-on this insurance, no matter if they have already with their own travel insurance while buying a package, which will provide them with a bundle of coverages.

However, will having extra insurance influence timid passengers to get on a plane and leave their nation during an epidemic? The tourism board of Jamaica sincerely expects so, as they work hard for a longer time to waive off the nation's tourism industry towards pre-epidemic levels.

Fortunately, Jamaica has become able to become one of the highly successful tourism reopening’s by welcoming more than 150,000 visitors since June 2020 and they expect to instil a total trust factor to add more travellers to visit this winter.

Besides, travellers thrilled to enter this island with cabin fever should be entirely assured they will be taken care of, in the circumstances that they are diagnosed with SARS-CoV-2 infection abroad.

 “Destination assurance is making a significant pre-condition of travel today. As thought leaders, Jamaica is taking a proactive significant role in recovering and restructuring the spirit of travel, by restoring the trust and confidence of passengers in our country”, as per stated by the Minister of Tourism for Jamaica, Edmund Bartlett.

With the assistance of the tourism board of Jamaica along with GTRCMC (Global Tourism Resilience & Crisis Management Centre), Global Travel and Tourism Resilience Council, and Global Rescue, have taken a step ahead together to establish “Jamaica Cares”, a creative traveller protection and emergency services program. Edmund further states that this island is leading the way, “being the initial to provide this end-to-end health logistics coverage.”

Moreover, as of now, the exact price for the insurance coverage has not yet been revealed, it is expected to be of cost around $40 to $50 USD per person visiting the island.

Kindly note that the coverage and inclusion offered in Jamaica Cares Program are not restricted to COVID-19 and also include other things passengers are concerned with, including;

  • Field rescue
  • Case management
  • Transport logistics
  • On island health coverage up to $50,000
  • Other crises up to and including natural disasters 
  • Repatriation and evacuation for medical emergencies (including SARS-CoV-2 infection)
  • International health coverage up to $100,000 in favour of tourists travelling to and from Jamaica.

Compulsory payment for the insurance will be added during the application process. Also, each passenger would already have completed online before visiting at

Barlett “Jamaica Cares Program has been framed very exceptionally and very purposely. The program protocol will provide our potential to welcome passengers to Jamaica safely, considering that in the worst-case scenario they will be served to the gold standards of service and care.”

“Jamaica Cares has been designed very specifically and very deliberately. The program protocol will ensure our ability to welcome travellers to Jamaica safely, knowing that in the worst-case scenario they will be treated to the gold standards of care and service.”  Says Bartlett

As of now, the travellers of all countries are allowed to visit Jamaica under regular visa requirements however they must first take a travel authorization.

Additionally, travellers coming to Jamaica to the following high-risk countries will be needed to show COVID-19 PCR test certificate which should not be older than 10 days from the time the COVID-19 test was taken to arriving in Jamaica.

High-Risk Countries:

  • Brazil 
  • Mexico
  • Panama
  • United States
  • Dominican Republic

Important Note: All travellers co

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