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On October 22, the Czech Republic again closed its border for all international tourism. Thus, the further lockdown has happened.

When the government of the Czech Republic had noticed an all-time high of 15,000 cases in the last 24-hours, it immediately sent an invitation to close its borders via an announcement.

Further, the ministry of foreign affairs declared this public statement on their website in the following manner:

The government of the Czech Republic declared the ban of the free movement of all people in the territory of the Czech Republic on 21st October 2020. Because of this declaration made by the government of the Czech Republic, now it is not possible to travel to CZE for the purpose of visiting friends or tourism.

The new prohibition made on tourism will come into effect on October 22 which will further remain until at least November 3, where it will be revised again for an extension.

CR is the 2nd EU nation and the 3rd European nation who is going re-shut for tourism after both Hungary and Ukraine issued same lockdowns declarations in September.

Ukraine has restarted again for tourism after it was closed again for tourism for 30 days while Hungary doesn’t reopen its borders for tourism and informs it to reopen after 60 days.

The recent tweet done by the Czech government was “Ban on the entry of foreigners to #Czechia. Consequently, the crisis issued by the government wherein no traveller can travel to Czechia for the purpose of tourism or visiting friends.”

Besides, essential travellers will still be allowed to enter, however only if they fit into these particular categories:

  • Business travellers
  • Medical reasons
  • Attending a wedding or a funeral (where the number will not be increased more than 10)
  • Essential family travel (for urgent family needs or reuniting with spouses)

Thus, tourism is no longer an appropriate reason to enter into the Czech Republic, thus no foreign trip is allowed now.

Also, now only tourism is restricted to enter the Czech Republic but anyone who is currently inside this country has another lock-down to face.

Czech Republic’s current restriction of movement and lockdown protocol includes:

  • The closing of hotels for touristic purposes
  • Businesses to keep employees home if possible
  • Closing for all non-essential services
  • Closing for all non-essential stores
  • No gatherings of more than 2 people, the exception of household members
  • The wearing of face masks in all indoor and outdoor spaces every time.
  • The face masks should be worn in cars too if travelling is done with someone outside your household.
  • Restricts movements into public places, thus residents should stay home as much as possible.

Before summer, when the Czech Republic had commended its curve and resumed borders for tourism, the Prime Minister applauded the citizens of Czechia, promising the worst would be over and they'd in no way deal with these sorts of barriers again. Now, because the fastest and highest surge in cases ever to comb the country, PM Andrej Babis has himself declared those statements.  

Babis expressed this week, “We have no time to wait”.

“The surge is boundless.”

“I feel extremely sorry for the new restrictions that will affect the lives of business owners, employees and citizens. I am also so sorry for having de facto ruled out the probability of this happening as I could not imagine that this would happen.”

On June 15th, the Czech Republic first reopened borders for about 25 European Union, afterwards a list of 15 third-party nations was revealed in July. Further, most of those eligible countries could enter without quarantines or testing with a few exceptions as summer progressed.

Among other European destinations, the Czech Republic is a significant destination that basically gets around 20 million tourists each year. Moreover, border closures along with lockdowns are destructive to Czechia’s economy, encouraging anti-lockdown protests across the country with violent endings.

As of now nations are either ON the safe list or included on the safe list.

Additionally, safe list countries can seamlessly travel to the Czech Republic in the similar manner they could pre-COVID-19 and will not have any isolation imposed upon them, no COVID-19 tests, and no ‘reason' for travel.’

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