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Lately, the government of Dubai has declared that no one can enter Dubai without a confirmed return ticket. No entries will be for those tourists without a return ticket.

As per the recent circular, it is declared, “Travelers with a visit or tourist visas coming to Dubai without a return ticket will not be allowed to enter and also it is the sole duty of the airline to arrange the ticket which must cover the cost of the flight of both directions.”

As per the circular, the Dubai airport has now questioned the airlines to repatriate tourists coming in the UAE (United Arab Emirates) without a confirmed return ticket.

After this assertion was made by the Dubai government, above 300 passengers from countries like India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, and Afghanistan were unfortunately struck at the Dubai airport. Among these passengers, the number 200 belonged to India only. But afterwards, diplomatic missions of India and Pakistan confirmed that stuck passengers have now securely returned to their home towns/countries.

Very soon, notifications were made by the consulates of the respective countries and also informed that stranded tourists were able to come back.

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