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18 Oct 2020

COVID-19 had frozen the whole world to travel. Thankfully, now the situation is stable. Most countries have permitted tourism to enter for leisure, business or study purposes: hopefully, the rest will soon give consents.


Studying abroad has been more than a trend for a few years back in India. The value of overseas education over Indian is the right perception of why students are willing to leave their country.

Among the prominent study destinations, European countries like the UK, Malta, Poland, Hungary, Germany etc. have been preferred by Indian students for the last few years.


The Student visa to European countries become a priority as per recent surveys not as of easy entry restrictions: fortunately, tuition fees, living expenses, accommodation, etc. are lesser too.

Of course! Your planning to earn an international degree in any European educational institution is an appreciated move.


Though, colleges and universities offer a direct connection to Indian students, but still a no better option than consulting to a visa consultant. A student visa consultant in India is a perfect guide to choose the right path of education.


Education after 12th is thoughtful. At this time, students rose to the top of their education ladder. Thus, a wrong step could ruin their future. Hence, a consultant for visa acts as a coach to make your dreams of education in the right direction.


There is no doubt to be clear that the probability of the European countries student visa grant is relatively higher than Australia, Canada, and the USA. The students grab their granted visa within a few days. Therefore, when visa grant is 100% in a less tuition fee with a high scope of immigration, then why are you still thinking of studying in Europe. Start your visa application process at Visaleets, For Immediate Response without wasting even a little time


Could a European tourist visa be a valuable chance?


Getting a visa tourist to any European country is a tricky move. This tactic gives a chance to students or parents to explore the country before commencing towards the student visa process. Also, during the business visa, analyzing the education system of Europe has been a trick of many.


Students who are a little bit doubted can first roam to the selected country of Europe.


But what about those students who have well-planned to step into the European education institution?


Guys! Do not be nervous. Your decision is applauded!


So, who is going to make their further viable by studying in the halls of eminent universities in

Europe, the following guide is terribly necessary.


What will be the student visa requirement in 2021?


To add a feather in your wing of education, get Schengen visa. Additionally, documents play a crucial role in the visa grant. The absence of any document for a student Schengen visa results in refusal. So, be watchful to process your student visa application, otherwise, your passport may get a stamp of REFUSAL.


Here is the list of documents needed to apply for a student visa:


1. Visa application form: An application form for a visa should fill out with accurate information in printed form. Also, sign it.


2. Valid passport: No student visa is processed without a valid passport. Also, your passport should issue within the last ten years. Besides, it must have at least three months validity as per the end of the planned journey.


3. Letter of acceptance: The student must have an official and signed letter stating the name of your college/institution along with the name, of course, fee structure, starting and ending date of course.


4. Recipe of fee payment: The fee which you would have paid to your college, receipt of the same should be attached.


5. Proof of academic documents: All transcripts, degrees, and certificates are mandatory to be shown during visa filling.


6. Travel medical insurance: No student visa is granted without having proof of €30,000 coverage for emergency health situations. For Travel Health Insurance, click here, For Immediate Response without wasting even a little time


7. Proof of funds: You must have evidence of documents showing your financial stability during your student visa. You can show your funds in the following manner:

  • Bank account statement: You or your parents must have required balance in a bank account which should be at least 3 months older OR,
  • Scholarship: You have must have the original attested document of the scholarship of minimum Euro 631/month OR,
  • Sponsorship: You must have a sponsorship letter of required funds.


8. Round Trip reservation or itinerary: Details of flight number along with a detailed description of your journey. Thus, while taking any student visa services, be sure to ask this document.


9. Proof of accommodation: You must have evidence of your accommodation either it would have been arranged by you, your relative or your educational institution. 


Visaleets is the top visa consultant in Mumbai for the student, tourist, and business. Besides, it is also reputed for immigration services, thus to settle down or do study or to roam in any European countries, knock here anytime.

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