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2 Sep 2020

Fortunately, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the largest country as it captured an area which has size like the US east of the Mississippi River. The geography of South Arabian is blessed with grasslands, thick forests, mountain ranges, endless cliffs, red dunes and deserts. 

The climate of this country in the Arabian Peninsula varies from region to region. The temperature can go above 110 degrees in desert areas in summers while in winter, the temperature can drop below freezing. Unfortunately, this country gets very little rain in a year. 

I went to Saudi Arabia in 2019 with my partner, and I got my Saudi Arabia e visa by contacting Visaleets. Thankfully, I got my visa process completed within 10 days. I gave a surprise ticket to my partner a day before I booked tickets, he got excited to head Saudi Arabia as he is a lover of desert land.

Since this country has a lot of tourist places, later I will discuss these, first learn essential things of Saudi Arabia:


Might be, in the news, it is revealed that Saudi Arabia is unsafe for tourists. Saudi Arabia is safe to travel as a tourist. Like respecting your own country’s local rules and customs, be careful to behave like the same in Saudi Arabia. Also, be mindful of your surroundings and maintain some decency while on your trip. Be sure to consult a travel advisor before heading to this country.

Social customs

Luckily, the locals in Saudi Arabia are hospitable and generous, and also curious about tourists. It is common in this country to invite to share a meal or an Arabic coffee (a cup of gahwa) and dates. Surprisingly, they offer them food, hospitality, and even gifts. Don’t say nope to such an offer, else they consider it rude to refuse. Just remember, always accept offerings in this country and also drink beverages and consume food with your right hand. 

Saudis welcome Westerners. They ask different questions about their culture. To avoid any worse conversation, don’t talk about local sensibilities. 

If a guest invites you in Saudi Arabia, remove your shoes. In a conventional Majlis, you are considered to sit on the floor. While hosted elsewhere, you may offer to sit on the armchairs and other furniture. 

“Marhaban” means ‘Welcome’ is a common word used in Saudi Arabia. Also, familiarize yourself with rituals of this country to give a favourable impression to guests. 

Gentlemen keep avoiding to shake hands with Saudi women. For a safe side, place your hand over your heart and say ‘Hello!”

Public spaces

Most public places in Saudi Arabia are segregated, and you will notice separate seating areas and entrances for women and men. 

Kindly take permission before capturing any photos. As per the public code of conduct, it is a punishable offence. Also, dress code violations, playing music in between prayers, and vandalism of public property come under the category of offences.

Thankful, Abaya (a cloak) is restricted by Saudi Arabia’s government now! But, both men and women should dress decently, avoiding tight-fitting and sexy attires in public. 

Being a Muslim country, non-Muslims are welcome too and even allowed to practice their religion in private spaces. Restaurants and stores close during prayer times, i.e. five times a day, thus avoid going to public places in those times. 

Also, the purchase, sale or consumption of drugs and alcohol is illegal in the country. 


Make sure to refresh your taste buds with Saudi Arabia food. Must try its traditional dishes as these are like the Middle Eastern cuisine available in the surrounding countries like Oman, Yemen, Egypt, and the UAE.


  • Kabsa: This dish of Saudi Arabia is mouthwatering. It is a blend of basmati rice cooked with a variety of vegetables, meats, and spices. The name Kabsa comes from the Arabic word, i.e. KBS, which means pressed.
  • Umm Ali (Om Ali): In fact, this dessert looks like bread pudding but only with puff pastry and no eggs, it is prepared. 
  • Tamees: Tamees is a flatbread baked in a tandoor or metal oven. It is flavoured with garlic, cumin, chillies and lemon juice. This dish is eaten with many Saudi Arabian dishes, but mostly with ful and adas. Ful having fava beans while adas is prepared lentils.
  • Dates: As you know, Saudi Arabia comes at the 4th place in the world as a producer of dates. Thus different types of dates can taste there. Luckily, tourists are allowed to take up some souvenir dates from any farms of date.

Best tourist places in Saudi Arabia

Since I booked a tour for 25 days which made us competent to roam the maximum of its tourist attractions. Fortunately, we went to many places, the best places I found there are mentioned below:

  • Al Bujairi Heritage Park
  • Safa to Marwa
  • Mount Utah
  • Corniche
  • Red Sea Mall
  • Jeddah Corniche
  • Masjid AlHaram
  • Kaaba
  • Kingdom Centre Tower
  • Al-Masjid a Nabawi
  • Black Stone
  • Shafa Mountains
  • King Abdullah Park
  • Black Stone
  • Fakieh Aquarium
  • Al Rajhi Grand Mosque
  • Al Nakheel Mall
  • Scitech Technology centre
  • Abraj Al-Bait Tower

Thankfully, for the first time in its history, Saudi Arabia has announced that it is opened for tourism by issuing evisa to Saudi Arabia. Luckily, 49 countries, including the United States, are part of this scheme.

Saudi Arabia e visa is eligible for anyone over the age of 18. It is valid for one year within either a maximum stay of 90 days in the country is permitted or option for multiple entries. Earlier only, visitor visas for religious pilgrimage and business visas were allowed by this Kingdom.

Visaleets is the best recommended by me for a Saudi visa application online. It is a trustworthy destination which keeps its visa application process straightforward. It never hides any information from its clients. Although, I did not disclose to my partner about the visa to Saudi Arabia, and but luckily, I was able to grab my visa within a few days. 

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