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Travel Visa and Immigration Services

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Tourist Visa Single 3 days $ 32.64 $ 13.63 $ 2.44 $ 48.70
E-Business Visa Single 3 days $ 9.89 $ 13.63 $ 2.44 $ 25.97
E-Tourist Visa Single 3 days $ 9.89 $ 13.63 $ 2.44 $ 25.97
E-Business Visa Single 3 days $ 32.64 $ 13.63 $ 2.44 $ 48.70


Visaleets offers you all information about visas, migration programs, travel documents, embassy & consulates. We are a register private company, not associated with any Governmental.


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Our primary goal is to offering immigration & visa services to the entire world. We furnish the best visa service come from our core purpose. Complete your online visa application at Visaleets to top international destinations on time.

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Know More

Enrol for Armenia eVisa From India at Visaleets

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia has introduced e-Visa for over 30 countries including India. 

This Armenia evisa is for a single entry. Either 21 days per entry or 120 days per entry is allowed. The purpose of getting the evisa is for tourism, medical, business, education, or attending a sports event/cultural conference, visiting a relative.

The process of Armenia e-Visa application is simple and also 100% online. The applicants need to submit the required documents, and upon acceptance, the applicants will get a landing authorization which needs to be shown to an immigration officer once arrived. 

Also, applying to Armenia eVisa can be done anywhere in the world. The entire process is online.

Visaleets is the best place for Armenia evisa for Indians as this process is straightforward and quick.

Instead of applying through the Embassy of the Republic of Armenia, applicants of these 30 countries should complete the online application form uploaded on this web page first and afterwards pay via any payment option. Then, Visaleets will send you a confirmation mail and soon Armenia eVisa will be in your inbox.

Require Documents

The Armenia e-Visa is single-entry and permits applicants to remain in the country for up to 21 days Per Entry if they apply for a short term visa. Applicants who wish to stay for more than 21 days Per Entry can apply for a long term visa, which lets them stay in Armenia for up to 120 days Per Entry.

You can apply for an Armenia e-Visa if the purpose of your visit is one of the following: tourism, business, receiving medical treatment, education, visiting a relative or attending a sports event or cultural conference.


  1. Original Passports with 6 months validity from the date of travel.
  2. Photos 35 X 45mm, white background, matt finish 70% face cover.
  3. Details about your accommodation in Armenia.
  4. Your travel details like date of entry and exit.

General FAQ

The visa for which you require to apply electronically and get electronic approval only. E.g: UAE (Apply online, Pay Online and receive via mail).

E-Visa means Electronic visa, which has to be just printed and carried at the time of travel. This kind of visa is not stamped or printed on the traveller's passport.

When the visa is issued at the airport of the destination country it is called visa on arrival, i.e. the traveller can purchase the tickets and take flight and get visa on the passport control once after arriving the country.

None of the fees paid for getting a visa are refundable partial or Full.

No Visaleets does not determine the visa decision in any way but serves to make the application strong enough so as to enhance the chances of obtaining the visa.

Our task is of consultation on how to showcase your application to enhance the chances of getting the visa, Prepare the documentation like Personal, Sponsorship and Covering Letter as per documentation required, chances of getting the visa etc.

You can reapply in certain cases immediately for the visa and some other embassies have a specific span of time like 3 or 6 months to reapply the visa, depends upon the norms and procedures of the embassies, provided the circumstances have substantially changed so as the visa is approved the second time.


The aspirant does not have to go for personal submission in all cases or interview except for ones who such requirement i.e. Schengen countries, UK, USA, Australia, Japan etc. The other countries’ consulate might request for a personal appearance in exceptional cases.


You can log in your account and download it directly from there.

If your visa is not approved, then we can advise that you should contact the nearest embassy/consulate for more information on what more options you have.

We accept Debit cards, Credit card, American Express card, Visa & Maestro card, International payment, Net banking, online transaction, Google pay and Pay Pal.

Yes, for sure, your all details are safe and secure with us. In fact, our system does not retain your credit card details after the transaction is processed.

Yes, we use Positive SSL (secure socket locker encryption strength of up to 256-bit and a 2048-bit signature key) with the highest possible levels of security for our customers.

Visaleets customer care 24/7 available,

Yes, we have our presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest social media in the name of “Visaleets”. You can follow us there and stay connected.

Yes, we have a legally registered the company and we have GSTIN (Goods & Service Tax India) ID and we charge 18% tax on all our services. 

No, we don’t refund or return the money in case cancelling the processing once after it is initiated.

No, we are not government supported or aided company. We are sole private, Individual and registered company.

We also provide services in Void Flight Itinerary, Confirm Hotel Booking and Travel Insurance, Travel Invitation for the documentation purpose of Visas, Birthright Citizenship, Investment By Citizenship, Residency By Investment, Foreign Settlement.

Kindly mail us for immediate actions.

Armenia FAQ

Yes, Bearer should have a valid passport & visa to visit Armenia. But Australia, Austria, Belgium, Greece, Hungry, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Korea, Japan, Latvia, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, Qatar, Romania, Denmark, Andorra, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Iceland , Ireland, Italy, Malta, Citizens not require/need a visa and a passport to travel to Armenia, whether for any work/business or tourism. Visaleets can assist you to receive a visa as well as an Armenia passport.

To apply for an Armenia visa, the visitor must require some identities- -Passport size photo -Identity proofs - Travel arrangements Proofs - And payment Verification

No, U.S. Citizens does not required visa for Armenia.

Armenia visa fee can pay via Debit Card/ Credit Card / Net Banking/ American Express/ Skrill/Paytm/Paypal.

The best time to visit Armenia from last week of May to first week of June and last week of September to the first week of October.

Generally, a visa takes anywhere from 2 days to 7 days to process in the Armenia Embassy which is based on the consulate that we require to send the application.

Lake Sevan, Vagharshapat, Garni, Yerevan are the best places in Armenia to visit.

Armenia is situated in the continent of Asia.

Armenian Dram Equals is the currency in Armenia.

Armenian is the official language in Armenia.

The types of visa you require based upon the purpose of your trip to Armenia.

You can refer our contact us page and get in touch easily & quickly.

You will get email alerts according to the procedures automatically. Visitors just update their email id with us.

Unfortunately no, Visitor should obtain another visa.

Sorry, we cannot refund your payment amount for unused visas.

All documents should be submitted in English.

Visas are the official permission granted by a government of the nation to a traveller permitting entry for a specific purpose whether it is tourism or business.

Through Google Wallet, Google Checkout, Payment mall, Prepaid Cards, E-Wallets, Credit Card, American Express Card and Debit Card are the most popular online payment modes in Armenia.

Yes, it is safe to visit Armenia.

Christianity is the religion of Armenia.

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